How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 21 2009

'Deal!' AGREED
'Money, Money, Money' band ABBA
'The Audacity of Hope' author OBAMA
'The Mikado' wardrobe item OBI
'___ and Dolls' GUYS
'___ Own' (song from 'Les Miz') ONMY
1970 hit for The Jackson 5 ABC
Air in a sooty shaft? COALMIEN
Alchemic knowledge ARCANA
Bamboozle a 'Fargo' director? SNOWCOEN
Beach time in Bordeaux ETE
Betters ONEUPS
Big Apple sch. NYU
Carefully search SCOUR
Celebration for a Disney dwarf? HAPPYFETE
Charles ___, 'Brideshead Revisited' protagonist RYDER
Cheese choice EDAM
Choisy-___ (Paris suburb) LEROI
City visited in 'Around the World in 80 Days' BOMBAY
Convex cooker WOK
Creatures with tunnel vision? ANTS
DHL competitor UPS
Do sum work ADD
English princess ANNE
Enormous birds of myth ROCS
Fix, as a pump RESOLE
Fled RAN
Friendly term of address BRO
Hot dog coating at a county fair CORNBREAD
It's shrinking in Asia ARAL
Judges REFS
Like words? SIMILES
Major conclusion? ETTE
Meadow voles FIELDMICE
Mirror APE
Month before Tishri ELUL
Muffin composition, maybe BRAN
Mungojerrie or Skimbleshanks, in a musical CAT
Name of Lord Rubble's feudal estate? BARNEYFIEF
Nest egg protectors HENS
Offset, as expenses DEFRAY
One stuck in the can LIFER
P.G.A. Tour Rookie of the Year after Singh ELS
Pawnbroker, in slang UNCLE
Picasso/Braque movement CUBISM
Pioneer computer ENIAC
Place to overnight in an R.V. KOA
Present addition BOW
Property claim along the Rio Grande? BORDERLIEN
Prospector's prize ORE
Pusher pursuers NARCS
Realty ad abbr. BSMT
Recent arrival NEONATE
Removed roughly TORNOUT
Río crosser PUENTE
Roger of 'Cheers' REES
Romanov ruler TSAR
Ruhr industrial hub ESSEN
Sch. that's about 150 mi. north of 32-Across RPI
Seder, e.g. MEAL
Sender of monthly checks: Abbr. SSA
Short evening? NITE
Slumps WILTS
Slurs, in music ARCS
Sly little dog? SNEAKPEKE
Sumac from Peru YMA
Sysop, for one TECHIE
Third in a Latin series AMAT
Title heroine described in the first sentence of her novel as 'handsome, clever and rich' EMMA
Toadies YESMEN
Unbeliever INFIDEL
Union foes SCABS
Wet septet SEAS
What a loose thread might be CLUE
White-cap wearer NURSE
___ Dubos, Pulitzer winner for 'So Human an Animal' RENE
___ Lingus AER
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