How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 31 2019

'All right, why not' oksure
'Flowers' and 'Sticky Fingers' for the Stones lps
'Inside voices, please' dontshout
'Kind ___' (term of politeness) sir
'Look at me - I did it!' tada
'Look what I found!' oho
'Mm-hmm' isee
'No turning back now' thisisit
'Sad to say ...' alas
'The Wonder Years' star fredsavage
'Xanadu' band, briefly elo
'___ Beso' (Paul Anka hit) eso
8/ aug
A singer can carry one tune
Absolute truth gospel
Aid in tapestry-making loom
Analyzed parsed
Ask too-personal questions pry
Awful-smelling fetid
Barbecue bone rib
Bestow award
Big name in 1950s politics adlai
Bit of dental work onlay
Bright light in inclement conditions foglamp
Bull ___ moose
Buncha lotta
Burning the midnight oil stillup
Business transaction dealing
Cakes and ___ (simple material pleasures) ale
Casting choice flyrod
Chilling onice
Colorless mode at a copy shop grayscale
Dessert with a sugary syrup compote
Dish of cooked buckwheat kasha
Dodgers broadcaster Hershiser orel
Doesn't bring up again, say letsdie
Domino, familiarly fats
Drake, for one rapstar
Drink after drink? chaser
Dugout propeller oar
Elusive sort eel
Farmer's concern yield
Fitting apposite
Former Indianapolis sports venue rcadome
Go off err
Goldman's partner in banking sachs
Good supply plenty
Hacienda room sala
Hall-of-Famer Musial stan
Head, in slang nob
Hearty pasta topping meatsauce
High praise rave
Historic San Francisco thoroughfare castrostreet
Hit sign sro
Hockey venues arenas
Home of Spelman College atlanta
Hotel rollouts cots
Intensify, with 'up' ramp
Itinerant sorts hobos
John le Carré specialty spystory
K-12 elhi
Legendary humanoid yeti
Like some porch chairs caned
Like the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan artsy
List for charitable givers, for short orgs
Loose around the edges frayed
Make a decision opt
Make blank erase
Many Jazz fans utahns
Mexico City daily elsol
Mil. program discontinued in 1976 waf
Mold into something new reshape
Moved stealthily, colloquially slunk
Narrator of 'Evita' che
Nevada senator Jacky rosen
New Mexico county or its seat taos
Not a nice look sneer
Not remotely inperson
Outcast leper
Outfits in the operating room scrubsuits
Payment vouchers chits
Peak in Genesis ararat
Physician Franz who coined the term 'animal magnetism' mesmer
Playground comeback arenot
Pompous sort ass
Popular radio format oldies
Precisely toat
Prefix with scope peri
Pronounces breathily aspirates
Property recipient, legally alienee
Pulsating athrob
Related to pitches tonal
Rock band with the 1994 4x platinum album 'The Downward Spiral,' for short nin
Saint in a children's rhyme ives
Schubert compositions lieder
See 7-Down pelosi
Shapeless mass glob
Sharp acute
Sister in a children's story gretel
Site of a 2019 Trump/Kim meeting hanoi
Small pain imp
Smooth-talking oily
Some plumbing joints ells
Some Sunday broadcasting televangelism
Something removed when changing a tire wheelnut
Something seen with a tiny flashlight uvula
Stockholm stock unit krona
Strong servings with dessert portwines
Sunscreen ingredient uvblocker
Sworn (to) attested
Symbol of poverty rags
Tailor's tool tape
They have thick skins melons
Thickheaded obtuse
Throw in add
Tilted, in Stilton leant
Top 10-rated sitcom each season from 1972 to 1976 maude
Travel group convoy
Traveler's holder of bathroom supplies toiletbag
Tremendous auditory pleasure, in slang eargasm
Trunk fastener hasp
Turn sharply veer
Unsurprising people to show up usuals
Unwieldy boat tub
Upright building support stud
Uses as a perch restson
Variant of a gene allele
Visited out of deference (to) paidrespects
Wall St. professional arb
Went back, as a tide ebbed
What cowboys are, in poker lingo kings
Where the Firestone tire company was founded akron
With 90-Down, first woman to lead a major party in Congress nancy
Wonka portrayer depp
[See note] sacrifice
___ hug bro
___ Lodge elks
___ Maria (coffee liqueur) tia
___ Reader (quarterly magazine) utne
___ y Plata (Montana's motto) oro
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