How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 26 2012

'Cheers' bartender Sam MALONE
'Eavesdrop' from across the room, say LIPREAD
'Gone With the Wind' bad guys YANKEES
'Just ___!' ASEC
'Oh baby!' YOWZA
'Tell ___ lies' MENO
'The Magnificent Seven' co-star MCQUEEN
'Time ___ ...' WAS
'You missed ___' ASPOT
'___ who?!' SEZ
Actor Hill of 'Moneyball' JONAH
Aide for a V.I.P. customer PERSONALSHOP
Alternative to dieting, informally LIPO
Articles aren't found in it ADSPACE
Bar ___ NONE
Bartering locale MART
Big faucet maker DELTA
Bills, e.g CASH
Blackjack decision HIT
Brother's place FRIARY
Bulb holders LAMPS
Bun contents HAIR
Capt.'s superior MAJ
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir ENE
Checked (out) SCOPED
Clear the atmosphere of AIROUT
Corp. money types CFOS
Demands (from) EXACTS
Dirty SOIL
Discordant ATONAL
Distilled vis-à-vis tap PURER
Draw (off): Var SYPHON
Drew in LURED
Early life forms? EMBRYOS
Environs MILIEU
Eternally EVERMORE
Eve who wrote 'The Vagina Monologues' ENSLER
Eve's opposite MORN
Eye up and down LEERAT
Fancy salad ingredient ARTICHOKEHE
Fastener patented in 1939 TWISTTIE
Feeling pervading Brat Pack movies ANGST
First TV show to debut at #1 in the Nielsen ratings RHODA
Freudian concept PLEASUREPRINCI
From the top ANEW
Funeral stands BIERS
Genealogical study ROOTS
General Motors subsidiary ONSTAR
Gore in fiction VIDAL
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Grok GET
Has parked VALETS
Helter-skelter AMOK
Hofbräuhaus crowd? DREI
Home of the Norte Chico civilization PERU
Incapacitate CRIPPLE
Inverness native SCOT
It may be popped for fun WHEELIE
It's felt on the head FEZ
Jimmie Rodgers or Tex Owens, musically YODELER
Kind of switch ONOFF
Korea's Syngman ___ RHEE
Lie about LAZE
Like some housecats DECLAWED
Like the 'ng' sound NASAL
Like the pen or pencil you might reach for NEAREST
London transportation UNDERGRO
Make ___ dash AMAD
Marlon Brando film ONTHEWATERFR
Metered praise ODE
Metro area URB
Mid fifth-century year CDLI
Min. or max LIM
Minnesota twins? ENS
Modern December birthstone ZIRCON
More sinister DARKER
Most 17-Down ACHIEST
Mountains, rivers, plains, etc PHYSICALGEOGRA
Movie droid ARTOO
Multiple Grammy winner who was a contestant on 'Dancing With the Stars' TONIBRAX
Nationals whose flag declares 'God is great' IRAQIS
Network connections NODES
Old-timer GEEZER
One of two options at a fast food restaurant EATIN
Only Hitchcock film to win Best Picture REBECCA
Org. making grants to museums NEA
P.T.A. interest EDUC
Paper nautilus, e.g OCTOPOD
Part of 101-Across ARTS
Part of the name of many a Spanish restaurant LACASA
Pivoted SLEWED
Place after place SHOW
Plant pores STOMAS
Poetic preposition ERE
Premium Cuban cigar brand COHIBA
Prozac, for one ANTIDEPRESS
Pulitzer winner for 'John Brown's Body' BENET
Refrain syllables TRAS
Reynolds of 'Boogie Nights' BURT
Run out LAPSE
Sample TRY
See 9-Down SORE
Send some pixxx? SEXT
Sir Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of ___ AVON
Sod house locale PRAIRIE
Some M.I.T. grads EES
Song that starts 'A winter's day in a deep and dark December' IAMAROCK
South Dakota memorial site WOUNDEDKNEE
Spanish winds AIRES
Special ___ OPS
Stern taking a bow (in two senses) ISAAC
Subject of the documentary 'An Unreasonable Man' NADER
Suffix with human OID
Sweets HON
Switch attachment? EROO
The 'L' of S.L.R LENS
TiVo precursor VHS
Towers LOOMS
University in North Carolina ELON
What echoes do LAG
White elephant, e.g ALBINO
Words mouthed to a TV camera HIMOM
Work assignment STINT
X X X lover? KEGLER
___ Robles, Calif PASO
___ Rose AXL
___-Japanese RUSSO
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