How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 27 1998

'...fish ___ fowl' NOR
'A good walk spoiled,' said Twain GOLF
'Oops!' UHOH
'The Sound of Music' extras NUNS
'___, of golden daffodils': Wordsworth AHOST
1934 Pulitzer winner Herbert AGAR
Author Lofts NORAH
Autocrat TSAR
Bankrupt BELLYUP.
Battle the clock RACE
Become an ex-member SECEDE
Blue hue AQUA
Boggy area, for short QUAG
Boozers SOTS
Boston Tea Party V.I.P. ADAMS
Broadway setting since 4/11/91 SAIGON
Canal site EAR
Caviar, once ROE
Colorado feeder GILA
Condominium, e.g. UNIT
Doublemint figures TWINS
Eggnog enhancement NUTMEG
Every last iota ALL
Exactly TOAT
Fort Knox unit KARAT
From square one ANEW
Fussbudget BIDDY
Georgia city not in its namesake county MACON
Goldbrick IDLER
Ignored the speed limit TORE
It could be a group effort THERAPY
Jam ingredient? CAR
Kind of tide NEAP
Limp watch painter DALI
Loosen UNDO
Margery of nursery rhymedom DAW
Ms. founder STEINEM
No Westminster contender MUTT
Omicrons' predecessors XIS
One of the Baldwins ALEC
One who makes dreams come true GENIE
P.D.Q., on 'ER' STAT
Parts of cloverleafs RAMPS
Plead for URGE
Portraitist's medium OILS
Prefix with marketing TELE
Redcap's burden BAGS
Remark heard at quitting time? UNCLE
Root beer brand DADS
Santa Barbara suburb OJAI
Saxony seaport EMDEN
Served as gondolier POLED
Slangy suffix EROO
Spoke more than once? RADII
St. ___ (vacation spot) PETE
Star QB of Super Bowl XXXI FAVRE
Stringent STERN
The Great ___ WALL
The old nine-to-five GRIND
Town in a 1944 novel ADANO
Transport to Oz TORNADO
Turn's partner TOSS
VIII septupled LVI
Warrior of legend AJAX
Where Bill Walton played UCLA
Word preceding 20-Across BUT
You can say that again! MANTRA
___ about (roughly) ONOR
___ roll ONA
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