How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 25 2015

"Fly Like an Eagle" org USPS
"Poison" plant SUMAC
"___ in victory" (elementary lesson) VAS
"___ words were never spoken!" TRUER
1960s war site, for short NAM
1970 World's Fair site OSAKA
Achings YENS
Alias, briefly AKA
Ancient Yucatan language MAYAN
Antilles isle ARUBA
Appear close and menacing LOOM
Appetite rouser AROMA
Aromatic herb TANSY
Atlanta gridder FALCON
Back financially FUND
Big, in bariatrics OBESE
Bird beak NEB
Bloodhound's guide SCENT
Broadcasting ONAIR
Brooks Robinson, e.g ORIOLE
Brush aside DISMISS
Camouflage, as a message ENCODE
Celebratory poems ODES
Chapters of history ERAS
City conveyance BUS
Collar maker COP
Credit-card option CASHADVANCE
Cry like a mourner ULULATE
Degrades ABASES
Dracula, sometimes BAT
Earthy color OCHER
Far from domesticated FERAL
Feelings of dread ANGSTS
Felonious "artist" CON
Fifth canonical hour NONES
Flamethrower material NAPALM
Give in to, as an impulse ACTON
Grove-grown globe ORANGE
Hang out on a line DRY
Has to have NEEDS
High school math subject ALGEBRA
Homer's TV neighbor NED
Ice skating area RINK
Inquire ASK
Interest maker BANKDEPOSIT
Investing option SAVINGSBOND
Kimono sash OBI
Long-necked Indian instruments SITARS
Loudness units SONES
Makes preparations PLANS
Mighty blow SWAT
Nautical pronoun SHE
Not safe, on the diamond OUT
Opposite of vain MODEST
Owned apartment, for short CONDO
Partner of "oohed" AAHED
Poker pot starter ANTE
Rabble or riffraff CANAILLE
Removes a buckle UNCLASPS
Retirement benefit PENSIONPLAN
Rhyming boxing champ ALI
Row in a bar, perhaps MELEE
Royal flush card ACE
Soft and lustrous SILKY
The Tar Heels' conf ACC
They may be suspended from art class MOBILES
Trigonomic function TANGENT
Twin sister of Bert Bobbsey NAN
Type of shake MALT
Unrealistic potato chip portion ONE
Viper's weapon FANG
Was inactive or indifferent SATBY
Wasn't a fast observer? ATE
Wealthy, powerful person NABOB
Whimpered MEWLED
White House office shape OVAL
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