How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 26 2019

'As ___ on TV' seen
'If it ___ broke . . .' aint
'Let 'er ___!' rip
'Not ___ shabby!' too
13-Down hue azure
2014 Russell Crowe epic noah
911 response org ems
Alternative to skim whole
Bay Area gridder, for short niner
Bears, on scoreboards chi
Blue hue sky
BOGO event sale
Boots from Down Under uggs
Call to the USCG sos
Come out with utter
Concert souvenir stub
Conjures up evokes
Cosby of 'Inside Edition' rita
County, in Louisiana parish
Craig Biggio, for his entire career astro
Dog that may have blue eyes siberianhusky
Droid downloads apps
Falsify, as a document doctor
Fish in cat food tuna
France's region, in Caesar's day gaul
Fuel for some lamps oil
Funds that can't be withdrawn frozenaccount
Gershon of 'Riverdale' gina
Goldwater who lost to Johnson barry
Handyman's vehicle van
HCl and HF, for two acids
Hippo's wear in 'Fantasia' tutu
Holy orders, e.g rite
It's bound to happen fate
Job applicant's hope offer
Kindle download ebook
Labourite's opponent tory
Largish combo octet
Lo mein morsel noodle
Lovely item in a Kilmer poem tree
Lowered in esteem abased
Luckless sort loser
Matched-pair pronoun hers
Matinee idol Power tyrone
Not taken in by onto
O, in a letter hug
Opinion piece, for short oped
Page layout format
Partner of order law
Perform perfectly nail
Pick up the pace of hasten
Places for massages spas
Pool floaters rafts
Pope during WWII pius
Prefix with maniac ego
Prefix with pope or hero anti
Prove false rebut
Ready for picking ripe
Satisfied the munchies ate
Scout unit troop
Seventeen-syllable work haiku
Sherlock Holmes' Adler irene
Shortly, in verse anon
Side with a burger slaw
Snake's warning hiss
Something to cop plea
Storied Harlem theater apollo
Taskbar images icons
The Auld Sod, in poetry erin
Unfriendly greeting frostyreception
V-formation fliers geese
Vampire chronicler Rice anne
Welsh breed corgi
Went unused sat
When roosters crow dawn
Will's contents estate
Y intersection fork
[Not my error] sic
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