How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 22 2018

'Back up' PC command undo
'Exodus' author Uris leon
'Just Do It' or 'Just Say No' slogan
'L'Orfeo' or 'Otello' opera
'Quaking' trees aspens
'SNL' bit skit
'Suppose so' iguess
'That hurts!' yeow
'Works for me' fine
'You betcha!' yep
African bovine capebuffalo
All thumbs inept
Apt to mouth off pert
Ausable Chasm, e.g gorge
Awards a seat to elects
Back-breaking arduous
Baum coward lion
Beat the pants off rout
Busy co. before Mother's Day ftd
Colin Kaepernick hairdo afro
Crude cartel opec
Element in gunpowder sulfur
Elopes, e.g weds
Fail to mention omit
Fast-food pork sandwich mcrib
First public showing debut
Gig components sets
Glorifying verse ode
Go for the America's Cup sail
Goes without fare fasts
Guardian Angels jacket material sateen
Have a thing for adore
Hieroglyphics reptile asp
Hockey puck, e.g disc
Hollywood faves idols
Hollywood go-between agent
Image for an app icon
Jeans go-with, often tee
Kid-lit meanie ogre
Letter before Foxtrot echo
Like a poor loser sore
Like beer at keggers ontap
Lot purchase auto
Loving touch caress
Mark Cuban, to the Mavericks owner
Masseur's supply oils
Michael Keaton role-reversal movie mrmom
Mink's cousin otter
Mother Teresa, since 2016 saint
Mouthwash brand scope
Move like a dragonfly flit
NFL showcase event combine
Noise-mitigating barrier soundbaffle
NOYB part none
Overblown publicity hype
Period of prosperity boom
Periods named for music genres eras
Pesky insect fly
Quick on the uptake astute
Reason to reboot, maybe error
Remains of a felling treestump
Salmon or sole serving filet
Self-storage rental unit
Showing little emotion stolid
Slot machine inserts ones
Sock ___ (old dance event) hop
Spa skin treatment peel
Staircase post newel
Telegraph pioneer morse
Thin candle taper
Trees that yield bow wood yews
U.S. government branch count three
Unblockable hoops shot freethrow
Voicemail sounds tones
Watch a friend's dog, say petsit
Wearing brogans, say shod
Whittler's tool knife
Word before ant or brat army
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