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noun - two-winged insects characterized by active flight

noun - flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

noun - an opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or by buttons concealed under a fold of cloth


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
As the "avis" suggests, Argentavis' distinction was being able to do this, even at over 250 pounds
Of fly, mate or eat, the activity butterflies can't do if their body temperature is below 86 degrees
Swans often do this in a "V" formation
The rare Kakapo parrot of New Zealand is distinct in being unable to do this
(Oooooooklahoma! Where Sofia's standing on the set.) It's the term for raising or lowering scenery above the stage; it's also what Mary Martin did in "Peter Pan"
(Hi, I'm Caroline Rhea) Like many modern witches, the Spellmans use an upright vacuum cleaner to do this, as well as to clean (not that we ever clean!)
"God in his wisdom made" this insect "and then forgot to tell us why"
British term for a one horse carriage that sounds like it might be "in the ointment"
You could shoe Pegasus the horse or shoo Musca, which is this
Possible Dictionary Clues
move or be hurled quickly through the air.
an opening at the crotch of a pair of trousers, closed with a zip or buttons and typically covered with a flap.
a flying insect of a large order characterized by a single pair of transparent wings and sucking (and often also piercing) mouthparts. Flies are of great importance as vectors of disease.
go or move quickly.
wave or flutter in the wind.
(of a bird, bat, or insect) move through the air using wings.
the space over the stage in a theatre.
To move through the air by means of wings or winglike parts.
To engage in flight, especially:
To hasten spring: flew to her students' defense.
Geographic Matches
Fly, (Region code: 15), DENMARK
Fly, Gavleborgs Lan, SWEDEN
Fly, Vastra Gotaland, SWEDEN
Fly, Kronobergs Lan, SWEDEN
Fly description
True flies are insects of the order Diptera, the name being derived from the Greek - di- "two", and pteron "wings". Insects of this order use only a single pair of wings to fly, the hindwings having evolved into advanced mechanosensory organs known as halteres, which act as high-speed sensors of rotational movement and allow dipterans to perform advanced aerobatics. Diptera is a large order containing an estimated 1,000,000 species including horse-flies, crane flies, hoverflies and others, although only about 125,000 species have been described.Flies have a mobile head, with a pair of large compound eyes, and mouthparts designed for piercing and sucking (mosquitoes, black flies and robber flies), or for lapping and sucking in the other groups. Their wing arrangement gives them great maneuverability in flight, and claws and pads on their feet enable them to cling to smooth surfaces. Flies undergo complete metamorphosis; the eggs are laid on the larval food-source and the larvae, which
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