How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 29 2010

". . . it's ___ kiss . . ." (1964 lyric) INHIS
". . . to form a ___ perfect union . . ." MORE
"A Lesson From ___" ALOES
"Bad" for "good," e.g. SLANG
"Contract With America" first name NEWT
"Crocodile Rock" rocker John ELTON
"In the Line of Fire" actress Russo RENE
"Mr. ___ Goes to Washington" SMITH
"Not only that . . ." ALSO
"Old" conservative sort FOGY
"Shoulda, woulda, coulda" thinker RUER
"Try this!" TASTE
"We Try Harder" rental company AVIS
1930s Chicago crimefighter NESS
1996 presidential candidate Bob DOLE
A certain chorister ALTO
A flat and others NOTES
Alternative to a co-op CONDO
An attorney may request a change of it VENUE
Aphrodite's boy EROS
Appropriate beginning? MIS
Asian wild dog DHOLE
Babe and Baby RUTHS
Bagel depot DELI
Bambi, at one time FAWN
Barbecue sound SSS
Campari and Cinzano APERITIFS
CBer's sign-offs OVERS
Certain Flanders river YSER
Cinderella's slipper material GLASS
Cliff-base debris SCREE
Comprehends GETS
Course covering Egypt ANCIENTHISTORY
Eclectic assortment OLIO
Familiar headlines YESTERDAYSNEWS
Fast thinkers WITS
Fencing action LUNGE
Former grape RAISIN
Game of love? TENNIS
Great quantity SCAD
Guest of honor's place DAIS
Intelligence SMARTS
Japanese immigrant's child NISEI
Jefferson and Voltaire, for two DEISTS
LaBeouf of "Eagle Eye" SHIA
Like a lawn at dawn DEWY
Mark left by a whip WELT
Mournful melodies DIRGES
Nautically sheltered ALEE
OT book DEUT
Outdoor cookers GRILLS
Overcharge in a big way GOUGE
Pilot's setting AUTO
Pro shop purchases TEES
Put luggage in a compartment STOW
Put on the back burner DEFER
Put out, as stamps ISSUE
Reader of the future SEER
She voiced Dory in "Finding Nemo" ELLEN
Slobbering dog of comics ODIE
Steel city of Germany ESSEN
Support for a swing TREE
Swayback's woe SAG
Tightenable loop NOOSE
Transgression of divine law SIN
Turn's partner TOSS
Vane letters ENE
What Pandora loosed EVILS
With a fresh twist ANEW
Word with "print" or "point" FINE
Yearning for the past NOSTALGIA
You may not believe it's not butter OLEO
___ code (three-digit number) AREA
___ for the road ONE
___ of March ("Julius Caesar" date) IDES
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