How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 23 2019

'Hands off!' letgo
'Horrible' Viking of comics hagar
'Silly' birds geese
'Spartacus' and 'Ben-Hur,' for two epics
'Stat!' atonce
'Yada yada yada' etc
1992 Wimbledon winner Andre agassi
22 seasons, for 65-Across career
Adam's son abel
Addition column ones
Anesthetic of yore ether
Baseball's 'Say Hey Kid' mays
Betrayed embarrassment reddened
Boating hazard reef
Bouncers' requests idcards
Brits' baby buggies prams
Business name abbr inc
Commuters' buys, once bustokens
Cowboy shirt adornments fringes
Crooked gambler's pair loadeddice
Cropped up arose
Dental filling alloy amalgam
Electrified sword epee
Extra cash for nonessentials beermoney
Floored it sped
Go kaput die
Go public with air
Guitarist's clamp capo
Hard things to break, at times habits
Hard-to-budge beast mule
Heart of the matter gist
Hoops or studs earrings
Ill-gotten loot lucre
It's 'such sweet sorrow' parting
Letters on the Enterprise uss
London Magazine essayist elia
Lunar 'sea' mare
Manny Machado, as of 2019 padre
Mardi Gras, e.g. (Abbr.) tue
Menzel who sang in 'Frozen' idina
Monotone lecturer, say bore
More amiable nicer
Nail to the wall hang
Naive sorts babes
Not as pricey less
Nuisance in a swarm gnat
Org. that oversees the FBI doj
Palmer with an 'army' arnie
Places to hibernate lairs
Prefix with ton or watt mega
Put in another way restate
Romance novelist Steel danielle
RPM gauge tach
Sal's canal of song erie
Sale condition asis
Sausage herb sage
Seance tool ouijaboard
Showed leniency toward spared
So last year out
So last year passe
Sod measure area
Spanish bar snack tapa
Stacked fare pancakes
Strike yield ore
Take five pause
Tate Modern offering art
Teamwork obstacles, often egos
The Trojans of the Pac-12 usc
Throat-clearer's sound ahem
Tiny Oreos minis
Triangular landforms deltas
Uber employee's need car
Use elbow grease on scour
Uses a scope aims
Vapers' buys ecigs
Weigh station figure tare
Yuletide quaff nog
___ Perignon dom
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