How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 31 2019

'Aida' highlight aria
'King of the road' hobo
'Tell me the truth!' behonest
'The light dawns!' aha
A bit off-color racy
Aardvark's meal ants
All hyped up agog
Answer an e-vite rsvp
Apex predators of the 51-Across orcas
Artichoke serving heart
Back in the day once
Be nostalgic for miss
Big Apple tennis venue ashe
Bit of salon litter tress
Briny expanse sea
Brown songbird wren
Catch the attention of grab
Chubby child's feature babyfat
Covert ops garb camo
Cylindrical storehouse silo
D.C. baseballer nat
Deck with wands and swords tarot
Dispatch a message sendword
Dog tag datum owner
Dog that licks Garfield odie
Dream state, briefly rem
Elevated play area treefort
Energizer mascot bunny
Fail on one's diet gain
Fairy tale brute ogre
Fictional estate south of Atlanta tara
Fill, as a hold lade
Flame, to a moth lure
Fruit in some chutney sloe
Garlicky fish garnish aioli
Go public with air
Harmless prank lark
Hexagon or pentagon planefigure
Hurl insults at gibe
Iron-___ (some transfers) ons
Jewish girl's rite of passage batmitzvah
Laboratory bottle vial
Least common base hits triples
Like a useless battery dead
Like a voracious reader avid
Lock horns argue
Looked longingly gazed
Many a McJob holder teen
Marathon marker number mile
McGregor of 'Emma' ewan
Muscat native omani
Mushroom morsel stem
Name in anti-aging products olay
Obi-___ Kenobi wan
Operator of a Wild West transport stagedriver
Painter's thorough coverage twocoats
Pin, tie or glue fasten
Pit boss's workplace casino
Ready to pack it in tired
Resale store advisory asis
Right-angle bends ells
River of Cologne rhine
Shine like polished metal gleam
Sign of an uncleaned fridge odor
Sound from a nest peep
Sounded like a porker oinked
Stable youngsters foals
Take the plunge marry
Tel ___, Israel aviv
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .' imho
The seven won by 'Cats' tonys
Transport for Nanook sled
Treat with contempt scorn
Trudge through mud plod
Venezuelan tourist attraction angelfalls
Welles of 'Citizen Kane' orson
What x does, in algebra varies
Zamboni's milieu ice
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