How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 29 2015

"Age of Aquarius" musical HAIR
"Falstaff" composer VERDI
"Hiroshima ___ Amour" MON
"Hud" Oscar winner Patricia NEAL
"Mr. Holland's ___" (Dreyfuss movie) OPUS
"Thar ___ blows!" SHE
"___ I say more?" NEED
"___ la Douce" IRMA
Actor's desire ROLE
Adjoin ABUT
American military grp USAF
Away from the wind, at sea ALEE
Baffler POSER
Bar mitzvah boy TEEN
Bats the breeze GABS
Beat in a relay, e.g OUTRACED
Beatles surname STARR
Blue Bonnet, et al OLEOS
Born, in bios NEE
Bunion's place TOE
Camembert kin BRIE
Chose (with "for") OPTED
Clifflike, flat-topped elevation MESA
Commuting option RAIL
Competes VIES
Compos mentis SANE
Curtain that no longer exists IRON
Cut, as limbs LOP
Cuts down, foodwise DIETS
Dull routine RUT
Emergency-room supply SERUM
Engage in a swap meet TRADE
Eyes, poetically ORBS
Flightless ranch birds EMUS
Flowing forward forcefully ONRUSHING
Game on horseback POLO
Gift on "The Bachelor" ROSE
Give out too many tasks OVERWHELM
He's got it coming HEIR
Huge horns TUBAS
Insurance against everything BLANKETCOVERAGE
It teaches commerce BUSINESSCOLLEGE
June Cleaver accessory APRON
LAPD title DET
Large coffeepot URN
Like meat past its prime GAMY
Like the ocean DEEP
Mainz mister HERR
Mauna ___ KEA
Member of the Police STING
Neophobe's fear NEWNESS
No longer in 3-Down, briefly RET
Nonlethal gun type STUN
Not safe OUT
Place for an aerie CRAG
Places to watch the birdie BADMINTONCOURTS
Provide counsel ADVISE
Reduced, as tension EASED
Response to a weak joke GROAN
Rough around the ___ EDGES
Shell and matching cardigan TWINSET
Short-tailed lemur INDRI
Song-and-dance shows REVUES
Sound hoarse RASP
Swaddled, to the Bard WRAPT
Tennessee footballer TITAN
The fin man? ABE
They're detrimental to teamwork EGOS
To be, in old Rome ESSE
Type of duke or bishop ARCH
Use elbow grease SCRUB
Use saddle soap on SOFTEN
Velvety fabric CHENILLE
Wind-deposited soil LOESS
Words before "poor example" SETA
Words said in church IDO
___ capita PER
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