How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 06 2019

'Lucky Guy' playwright Ephron nora
1945 flag-raising setting, briefly iwo
1950s Prime Minister Anthony eden
1962 Kerouac novel bigsur
3D medical image petscan
Abbott, to Costello straightman
Absorb, as gravy sopup
Alan of 'The Blacklist' alda
Arthurian paradise avalon
Be tangent to abut
Big mouth, slangily yap
Booze, slangily sauce
Bygone Manhattan trains els
Chang at Hogwarts cho
Country's ___ Young Band eli
Defendant's wear, usually suit
Duffel bag filler gear
EOS camera maker canon
Eye twitch, e.g spasm
Fire truck tool axe
Fraternity jewelry item pin
Free from, with 'of' rid
From Aden, say yemeni
Gas in retro signs neon
Girder fastener rivet
Goes limp sags
Grafton of whodunits sue
Gym exercises on bars chinups
Hamster or chinchilla rodent
Hardly any time at all nothingflat
Heating conduit duct
Hockey great Dryden ken
Intense hatred odium
Is deserving of rates
Islands strings, briefly uke
Lamb or Bacon piece essay
Large-beaked parrot macaw
LAX board fig eta
Leftovers for Fido scraps
Like Chicago in 1871 afire
Like the members of U2 irish
Marathon site since 1897 boston
Matures, as cheese ripens
Memorial designer Maya lin
Mireille of 'The Killing' enos
Mrs. Norton on 'The Honeymooners' trixie
NASA 'walk' eva
Olympics ice event pairskating
On a cruise atsea
On the 45-Across lit
Opposite of 'o'er' neath
Oxen, on farms teams
Phoenix's remains ashes
Place to unearth relics dig
Raincoat, to a Brit mac
Reasons to call 911 crises
Recoils, with 'away' shies
Resistor units ohms
Response to a pinch, perhaps ouch
River to the Caspian Sea ural
Seller of furniture and meatballs ikea
Service area buy gas
Shade similar to lavender lilac
Shag carpet feature pile
Shaved-ice treat snocone
Showing nervousness, in a way pacing
Sitting room piece divan
Stadium sound effect echo
Standard bathroom fixture flushtoilet
Summon, as a butler ringfor
Symbol of sovereignty crown
Taking a personal day off
Target of a joke butt
The Lord's Prayer pronoun thy
The O'Hara spread tara
Topps card collection, e.g set
UNLV part las
Words at a well iwish
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