How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 29 2019

'Let yourself in' itsopen
'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' director Frank capra
'Quit nagging me!' okok
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' reptiles asps
'Rumble in the Jungle' boxer ali
'Take a number' supermarket section delicounter
Apparel for Aspen skiclothes
Assault from Moe poke
Bagel shop fixture oven
Bar order, with 'the' same
Ben & Jerry's serving scoop
Bit of Grouchoesque wordplay pun
Bluffer's giveaway tell
Bridge guard of folklore troll
British economy car minicooper
Cantina bite tapa
Car wash cycle rinse
Carpet fasteners tacks
Dead to the world out
Demolitionist's supply tnt
DVR pioneer tivo
Embroidered pronoun his
Fish that can swim backwards eel
Flaw that can be hammered out dent
Flu season protection shot
Garage alternative carport
Got off the fence decided
Grab with a toothpick stab
Has a gabfest yaks
Have in stock carry
Hawke of 'Sinister' ethan
Head off, as disaster avert
Hunt and peck, perhaps type
Hush-hush rendezvous tryst
In jeopardy atrisk
Inexpensive writing implement bicpen
Kind, unkindly ilk
Knight's steed warhorse
Like a speaker after a filibuster, perhaps hoarse
Lose, as a pursuer elude
Mireille of 'World War Z' enos
Mitchell's fictional estate tara
Monastery leader abbot
Mule's sire ass
NBC sketch show snl
Noodles in cheap meals ramen
Not 22-Down awake
One in a pub array tap
Paretsky of whodunits sara
Petty squabble spat
Pitching masterpiece gem
Pucker-inducing tart
Pull a fast one on bilk
Range crossed by Hannibal alps
Reclue, as a crossword edit
Red Cross supply blood
Rental choice at Hertz sedan
Ross of the Reform Party perot
Rotten to the core evil
Rubbernecked, e.g gaped
Seat that may swivel stool
Sedona automaker kia
Shorten or lengthen, perhaps alter
Sign of remorse tear
So last year passe
Social no-nos taboos
Soft and lustrous, as hair silky
Source of iron or lead ore
Stays loyal to sticksby
Store under one's seat, say stow
Surfers visit them sites
Teaser ad promo
Texas flag symbol star
The Denver Nuggets' arena pepsicenter
Trail outing hike
Used four-letter words swore
WellCare, e.g hmo
Yankees manager Boone aaron
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