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verb - look with amazement

verb - be wide open

verb - to stare with open mouth

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Possible Dictionary Clues
Simple past tense and past participle of gape.
be or become wide open.
Be or become wide open.
A wide opening.
Gaped might refer to
The Gaels (Irish: Na Gaeil [ɡeːlˠ], Scottish Gaelic: Na Gàidheil [kɛː.əlˠ], Manx: Ny Gaeil) are an ethnolinguistic group native to northwestern Europe. They are associated with the Gaelic languages: a branch of the Celtic languages comprising Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic. Historically, the ethnonyms Irish and Scots referred to the Gaels in general, but the scope of those nationalities is today more complex.
* Gaelic language and culture originated in Ireland, extending to Dál Riata in western Scotland. In antiquity the Gaels traded with the Roman Empire and also raided Roman Britain. In the Middle Ages, Gaelic culture became dominant throughout the rest of Scotland and the Isle of Man. There was also some Gaelic settlement in Wales and Cornwall. In the Viking Age, small numbers of Vikings raided and settled in Gaelic lands, becoming the Norse-Gaels. In the 9th century, the Scots Gaels of Dál Riata merged with Pictland to form the Gaelic Kingdom of Alba. Meanwhile, Gaelic Ireland was made up of several kingdoms, with a High King often claiming lordship over them.
* In the 12th century, Normans conquered parts of Ireland (leading to centuries of conflict), while parts of Scotland became Normanized. However, Gaelic culture remained strong throughout Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Galloway. In the early 17th century, the last Gaelic kingdoms in Ireland fell under English control. James I sought to subdue the Gaels and wipe out their culture; in Ireland by colonizing Gaelic land with English-speaking British settlers, and in the Scottish Highlands via repressive laws such as the Statutes of Iona. In the following centuries most Gaels were gradually anglicized and Gaelic language mostly supplanted by English. However, it continues to be the main language in Ireland's Gaeltacht and Scotland's Outer Hebrides. The modern descendants of the Gaels have spread throughout Britain, the Americas and Australasia.
* Gaelic society traditionally centred around the clan, each with its own territory and king (or lord), elected through tanistry. The Irish were previously pagans who worshipped the Tuatha Dé Danann, venerated the ancestors and believed in an Otherworld. Their four yearly festivals – Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasa – continued to be celebrated into modern times. The Gaels have a strong oral tradition, traditionally maintained by shanachies. Inscription in the ogham alphabet began in the 4th century. Their conversion to Christianity accompanied the introduction of writing in the Roman alphabet, and Irish Gaelic has the oldest vernacular literature in western Europe. Irish mythology and Brehon law were preserved, albeit Christianised. Gaelic monasteries were renowned centres of learning and played a key role in developing Insular art, while Gaelic missionaries and scholars were highly influential in western Europe. In the Middle Ages, most Gaels lived in roundhouses and ringforts. The Gaels had their own style of dress, wh...
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