How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 25 2016

"Right this instant!" NOW
"Sesame Street" regular ERNIE
"___ many cooks in the kitchen" TOO
Advance portion of a book or magazine PREPRINT
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Archie's sitcom daughter GLORIA
Attorneys' org ABA
Auctioneer's tool GAVEL
Bay of Naples isle CAPRI
Be contrite about RUE
Boisterous LOUD
Brazil metropolis, familiarly RIO
Broadcasting overseer (Abbr.) FCC
Chapel vow IDO
Choice between poetry and logic? RHYMEORREASON
Choice for a mouthy gambler? PUTUPORSHUTUP
Choice for a picky person? LIKEITORNOT
Clarinet parts REEDS
Clothing store section MENS
Countess's husband EARL
Cup border RIM
DMV licenses, often IDS
Draw ___ in the sand ALINE
Far from pliant RIGID
Fiddler's applications ROSINS
Hathaway of Hollywood ANNE
Having more leeway FREER
Hindu social division CASTE
Hipster's pal BRO
Ho-hum BLAH
Hodgepodge OLIO
Hullabaloo HOOPLA
In a rational way SANELY
In trig, sine's reciprocal COSEC
It trumps fingerprints DNA
Like some paths or rugs BEATEN
Liquor in an Italian restaurant GRAPPA
Low-voiced women ALTOS
Madison Square Garden, e.g ARENA
Manhattan Project goal ABOMB
Mary Kay of cosmetics ASH
Mass confusion BEDLAM
Money in Milan no more LIRA
Not injured UNHURT
Not stop until it's too late OVERDO
Parsley servings SPRIGS
Pungent-smelling ACRID
Put into words SAY
Real and true ACTUAL
Reddish brown AUBURN
Rose holders STEMS
Sail off course YAW
Scottish hat TAM
Sticky, yucky stuff GOO
Strong anger IRE
Suffers a 47-Across LOSES
Swear words? OATH
Talk at length GAB
Taro root EDDO
They work with their hands LABORERS
Unfavorable result LOSS
Units of work ERGS
Vine-covered passageway PERGOLA
Von Richthofen, e.g BARON
Weeps noisily SOBS
Wispy white clouds CIRRI
With one's mouth open AGAPE
Within reach NEARBY
Words you sing LYRIC
Yankee rival of old (Abbr.) REB
Zero, in rugby NIL
___ Khan AGA
___ out a living (barely survive) EKE
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