How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 14 2011

"Beat it, Kitty!" SCAT
"___ the land of the free . . ." OER
Ambulance letters EMS
Athlete's foot TINEA
Attorney General between Smith and Thornburgh MEESE
Barrel board STAVE
Be deceitful, in a way LIE
Big letters on Wall St. NYSE
Browning work? TAN
Cable guy or electrician, at times WIRER
Capt. saluters LTS
Carbon monoxide from an engine, e.g. EMISSION
Collapse under pressure CHOKE
College aid consideration NEED
Common radio format TALK
Commotion ADO
Company that produces Snickers MARS
Complied with OBEYED
Computer key inscription ESC
Constellation between Virgo and Cancer LEO
Cotton bundles BALES
Did Shakespeare ACTED
English-speaking ANGLO
Extremely upscale? OBESE
Felt sore ACHED
Flaw in a fence KNOTHOLE
Flowerpot locale, sometimes SILL
Fox's prey HEN
Fragrant bell-shaped flower HONEYSUCKLE
French word before and after "a" VIS
Gideon's gift HOLYBIBLE
Grassy plant SEDGE
Greek god of darkness EREBUS
Hot-tempered FIERY
In need of Dr. Scholl's products FOOTSORE
It may be dipped in ink NIB
Keep in check CURB
Lake in the Sierra Nevada range TAHOE
Lake that the Huron River flows into ERIE
Land map PLAT
Like many a Floridian's floor TILED
Like Rudolph's nose RED
Microscope must LENS
Nail site TOE
Needle-nosed fish GAR
NYC-to-The Hamptons dir. ENE
Oater assemblage POSSE
Oceanfront room feature VIEW
Part of some college courses LAB
Penultimate word of Warner Bros. cartoons ALL
Pester continuously NAG
Playing with the bow bouncing lightly off the strings SPICCATO
Port near the Red Sea ADEN
Ransom of automobiles OLDS
Read the ___ act (get tough) RIOT
Regions AREAS
Ring around an angel's head HALO
Sample for an assayer ORE
Seven Wonders of the World lighthouse PHAROS
Show signs of life STIR
Slowly reduce, as a cliff face ERODE
Special occasion dishes CHINA
Stable particles? OATS
The first O of O-O-O TIC
The Irish language ERSE
Transactions DEALINGS
Tried to hit one out of the park SWUNG
Type of Emmy DAYTIME
Uproars HOOHAS
Upstanding HONORABLE
Virtual auction house EBAY
Withdraws officially SECEDES
Without SANS
___ of the Covenant ARK
___ out (barely make) EKE
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