How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 22 2015

"Eight" starter OCT
"Good going!" NICE
"We ___ not amused" ARE
"___ 'em, Fido!" SIC
1960s Robert Culp espionage series ISPY
And others, for short ETAL
Apple variety ROME
Arsenal inventory AMMO
Banks on TV TYRA
Bird with no ups RHEA
Canyon ricochet ECHO
Capitol cover DOME
Certain TV offering RERUN
Certain type of publication WEEKLYNEWSPAPER
Clairvoyants SEERS
Common commodity? SENSE
Computer devotee USER
Confirmation or Holy Communion RITE
Dances at Jewish weddings HORAS
Didn't sink SWAM
Distribute (with "out") METE
Empties, as a tub DRAINS
Expends profusely LAVISHES
Farmer's moneymaker CASHCROP
Fast-spreading idea MEME
Female demon LAMIA
Fencing sword EPEE
First word of "The Raven" ONCE
Former ring champ TYSON
Fruit of the oak ACORN
Fuss and bother ADO
Get smart with SASS
Gets inquisitive ASKS
Gilbert of "Roseanne" SARA
Gloss target LIP
Ground-up corn MEAL
Hardly Mr. Cool DWEEB
Hole makers AWLS
Impulsive passion ELAN
J. Smithson founded one INST
Landlords collect them MONTHLYPAYMENTS
Like wise advice SAGE
Marred a car, in a way KEYED
Misinformed LIED
More contrived HOKIER
Nape site NECK
Newt in its terrestrial stage EFT
Norway's capital OSLO
One of the Kennedys TED
One way to take the blame UNFAIRLY
Package highlight BOW
Parasol's benefit SHADE
Person with a mike EMCEE
Pooch from Wales CORGI
Potemkin mutiny city ODESSA
Prayer conclusion AMEN
Prerequisites NEEDS
Roget's listings SYNONYMS
Roulette bet RED
Salon offering, for short PERM
See 71-Across ARDOR
Self-defense art KARATE
Something to roll up SLEEVE
Tea preference, for some ICED
Tennis great Steffi GRAF
That is, to wit NAMELY
The "U" in UHF ULTRA
There are 12, in a song DAYSOFCHRISTMAS
Three, in cards TREY
Toe-stubber's cry OUCH
Tropical rootstock TARO
Tut's homeland EGYPT
Two out of twenty? TEES
Type of colony or code PENAL
Whether by land ___ ORSEA
Word with "shot" or "well" PUT
Year-round coat PAINT
___-do-well (loafer) NEER
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