How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 07 2006

''Aw shucks!'' GOLLYGEE
''Legs'' rock trio ZZTOP
''Oh, sure, that could really happen!'' ASIF
''___ Dooby'' (Roy Orbison hit) OOBY
100 centimos PESETA
1999 French Open champ GRAF
Black Hills formation MESA
Boutique SHOP
Bracket-braced window ORIEL
Calf-length skirts MIDIS
Chuckleheads BOZOS
Clairvoyance initialism ESP
Common verb conjugation ARE
Composed POISED
Corn syrup brand KARO
Cried ''uncle!'' GAVE
Defame ABASE
Despondently SADLY
Dog days mo. AUG
Eagle's destination, sometimes AERIE
Earth tone ECRU
Famed movie studio MGM
Game with 108 cards UNO
Go yachting in Old Rome? SAILTHEHIGHCCCC
Golf great, in Old Rome? ERNIELLLL
Grommet LOOP
He's under wraps? TUT
Hungry for more AVID
It may be registered MAIL
It was once circulated LIRA
It's known as the best medicine LAUGHTER
J. Fred Muggs was one CHIMP
Jazz singing style SCAT
Jimmied PRIED
Kilt-wearer SCOT
Kind of dog SLY
Man who made cars for indoors OTIS
Mini-whirlpool EDDY
Mister, in Mainz HERR
Moo ___ pork SHU
Mosque man IMAM
Neatnik's opposite SLOB
Nudges PRODS
Old hands PROS
Periods of note ERAS
Pertaining to birth NATAL
Ravi's instrument SITAR
Ring around a lagoon ATOLL
Scheme PLAN
Scorpius' heavenly neighbor ARA
See at a distance ESPY
Serious play DRAMA
Show respect, in a way KNEEL
Site of a wreck, perhaps REEF
Some appliances GES
Some chamber music instruments VIOLAS
Some fast planes PROPJETS
Spanish isle ISLA
Spit relative CAPE
Splits apart RIVES
Sponsorships (Var.) EGISES
Stop on ''moe'' PICK
Teensy bit IOTA
They may be smiling in a song, in Old Rome? IRISHIIII
They wear very little clothing? DOLLS
Tipper and Al, in invitations THEGORES
Trough fill SLOP
Type of school PREP
Units in physics ATOMS
Violist's clef, perhaps ALTO
Waterborne AFLOAT
Waterproof canvases, e.g. TARPS
When to tell the boss you'll be there INAJIFFY
Within easy reach ATHAND
Wood cutter ADZ
Word with will or fist IRON
Work after hours STAYLATE
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