How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 01 2011

"Jeopardy" answerer? ASKER
"Kukla, Fran and ___" OLLIE
"O Brother, Where Art ___?" (2000 film) THOU
"___ death do us part" TIL
Actor Idle ERIC
Add to the soundtrack DUB
Article in El Mundo? LOS
Aussie gal SHEILA
Bell-shaped bloomer TULIP
Best man's best friend, often GROOM
Bete ___ (bane) NOIRE
Brakes and slides SKIDS
Carpet-buying decision COLOR
Celebrations for travelers SENDOFFS
Channeler's state TRANCE
Cheerleader, often CHANTER
Chuck who sang "Maybellene" BERRY
Cousins of monorails ELS
D.D.E., general-turned-politician IKE
Daycare charges TOTS
Determine weight by lifting HEFT
Directional movie about WWII THENORTHSTAR
Directional movie based on a Broadway musical SOUTHPACIFIC
Directional movie based on a Steinbeck novel EASTOFEDEN
Directional movie starring Laurel and Hardy WAYOUTWEST
Do a burger joint job FLIP
Do again, as a role REPRISE
Earring locale LOBE
Film citizen KANE
Fished for congers EELED
Goes hither and yon ROAMS
Heere and theere, in a book ERRATA
Helicopter runners SKIS
High-and-mighty PROUD
Hollywood agt. REP
Hotfooted it HIED
Keogh alternative IRA
Knuckleheads DOLTS
Leave unacknowledged OMIT
Make more independent WEAN
Measure of a hunter's skill KILLS
Membership fee DUES
Military maneuver TACTIC
Most cozy HOMIEST
Nature walk HIKE
Neither liquid nor gas SOLID
One thing an RN dispenses TLC
Org. that bestows the Sullivan Award AAU
Orpheus played one LYRE
Pirate captain of legend KIDD
Poseidon's call SOS
Pull down EARN
QB's objectives TDS
Ready-go connector SET
Relinquish formally CEDE
Renaissance fiddle REBEC
Scottish group CLAN
Serve one's sentence DOTIME
Shampoo additive ALOE
Shoat's home STY
Silk-producing city of France LYONS
Slacks material CHINO
Smallest amount WHIT
Some compilations LISTS
Some synthetic fabrics RAYONS
T-shirt size (Abbr.) LGE
Takes a break RESTS
Underground colonist ANT
Uses sandpaper on SMOOTHS
Wavered back and forth SEESAWED
Whittle away ERODE
Windfall BOON
Word of surprise AHA
Wrongful act TORT
WWII German threat UBOAT
___'Pea (Popeye's boy) SWEE
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