How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post May 12 2019

'7th Heaven' character who becomes a doctor mattcamden
'Bravo, mi amigo!' ole
'Family Guy' character with a pink cap meggriffin
'It just hit me!' aha
'No, No, No' musician ono
'Sands of Iwo ___' jima
'Snowden' org nsa
'That grosses me out!' ugh
'The ___ World' (2005 Colin Farrell film) new
2, 4, 6, 8, etc evens
2, 4, 6, 8, etc ages
85 Down with a bow eros
A in French class? une
A party to inon
Accessory that may be paired with a top hat cane
Affair of the Diamond Necklace scandal figure Antoinette marie
Also-ran of 2000 nader
Apparel company whose first letter stands for a three-letter word in this clue fubu
Apt rhyme of 'sliced' diced
Baby who made her debut on 'The Tracey Ullman Show' maggiesimpson
Beast with antlers stag
Beast with hollow fangs cobra
Bellybutton variety innie
Berkeley school, briefly cal
Billiards ricochet carom
Biological messenger rna
Boy played by Danny Pintauro on 'Who's the Boss?' jonathanbower
Bright smart
Brimless hat, often beanie
Broad-bladed ___ (Tolkien's description of Gimli's weapon) axe
Charlie's older sister on 'Good Luck Charlie' teddyduncan
Clay in a studio aiken
Coastal Brazilian city olinda
Coat line hem
Collaboration obstacle ego
Concern in the board game Pandemic disease
Country where you can spend kwanza angola
Desert, to a dromedary habitat
Dishwashing need soap
Disorderly bunch mob
Display of public anger furor
Doesn't bother letsbe
Douglas ___ (tree) fir
Draining journey trek
Elaine or George, to Jerry pal
Eldest girl of a TV 'bunch' marciabrady
Emulate a Nosy Parker pry
Estate divisions acres
Eugene's home oregon
Eve of 'Our Miss Brooks' arden
Express derision jeer
Extent of the law, in a phrase longarm
Extremely ohso
Farewell ___ tour
Features of dirty socks odors
Fell for, so to speak bit
Forever and a day eon
Gave a makeover to redid
Georgia birthplace of Charles Coburn and Melvyn Douglas macon
GIF, e.g image
GIF-sharing response lol
Green Ranger, e.g rookie
Greet from across the street, in a way waveat
Headquartered based
Hearty gulp swig
Heptapod of 'Arrival,' e.g alien
Highlander's denial nae
Holler cryout
House parties, briefly? reps
ID given to someone who's late? toetag
Immersive film format imax
Injure, as a bear might maul
Inner tube? vein
It hangs on a tree ornament
Jan. 1 song word syne
Jars jolts
Judge's order writ
Leave unmentioned omit
Legally obligated liable
Letters signifying debt iou
Like many defendants sued
Like many docs indie
Like TV shows seen
Lost GI's status mia
Lyft employee's need car
Manning who won Super Bowl MVP twice eli
Middle measurement girth
Midsize Kia choice optima
Moistens wets
Mr. Olympia's pride, for short bod
Niamey is its capital niger
Not compassionate mean
Old dominion, often realm
Olympus figure god
One learning the ABCs tot
Opalescent fluid saliva
Opportunity in the NFL down
Orbit High School student judyjetson
Org. for neonatologists ama
Org. with Div. I-III teams ncaa
Outdo oneup
Park with World Showcase pavilions epcot
Parking facilities lots
Part of a TV transmission audio
Piano trio member? leg
Play station? gym
Posits positions opines
Pot users? cooks
Proceed like a crab sidle
Prone to moving about nomadic
Pugilistic wordsmith ali
Rapper on 'Empire' hakeemlyon
Read, as a bar code scan
Reference list abbr etal
Reproductive gland ovary
Reservoir for an engine lubricant oilpan
Safe from 37 Across immune
Sch. for third graders elem
Sen. Elizabeth Warren, e.g dem
Series finale, maybe? epilogue
Seriously excited giddy
Ship whose destruction helped spark the Spanish-American War ussmaine
Strong pang throe
Superlatively destitute poorest
Tablet reading matter ebook
Talk about excessively harpon
Tennoji Zoo city osaka
Teri's role in 'Young Frankenstein' inga
They may be encrypted emails
Thrift store stipulation asis
Tiny application dab
Tougher to locate rarer
Tragic ruler who was 'more sinn'd against than sinning' kinglear
Turn abruptly veer
TV studio sign onair
Type of bird or fruit kiwi
Unexpected odd
Unseat oust
Use for nourishment feedon
Waits patiently bides
What a courageous person 'grows' spine
What people use to take in Oxygen? remotes
Work with numbers opera
Wrap worn in Mumbai sari
___ bene (attention-directing Latin phrase) nota
___ de gallo (Mexican condiment) pico
___ out a victory eke
___ the question beg
'A Death in the Family' author agee
'All bets __ off' are
'Chopped' utensil pan
'David Copperfield' girl emly
'Enchanted' film title girl ella
'I always lie,' e.g paradox
'Just think ... ' imagine
'So that's it!' isee
'The Blues Brothers' fashion accessories raybans
19-y'ar-old comics character lilabner
2009 Tony-winner 'Billy __ the Musical' elliot
A third of nove tre
Abutting beside
Aloha shirt go-with lei
Angled sloped
Apple.com array macs
Aquarium favorite tetra
Arranged, as a deal brokered
Author of macabre tales poe
Bear with a too-hard bed papa
Big bucks, briefly mil
Big D hoops pro mav
Brad's role in 'Inglourious Basterds' aldo
Broad-leafed maritime plant seakale
Calls for exacts
Case workers: Abbr atts
Casual Friday adjective tieless
Cathedral section nave
Celebrity chef Bobby flay
Choice bit morsel
Clapton classic layla
Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle bea
Coconut Grove setting miami
Coconut sources palms
Common login component emailaddress
Commuting options: Abbr rrs
Compressed video format mpeg
Conspired colluded
County fair fare corndog
Crafts website etsy
Danish seaport odense
Daze trance
Debate focal point mainissue
Development areas uteri
Disappoint, with 'down' let
Disc golf starting points teepads
Discontinuation phrase nolonger
Doc medico
Doesn't need has
Eligibility factor age
Eliot title hero bede
Ending with fluor- ide
EPA-banned pesticide since 1972 ddt
Fairly large, sumwise tidy
Far from relaxed tense
Farther down lower
Filled, folded fare omelet
Former 'Fashion Emergency' host emme
Founding Father found in a bar? samueladams
Fruity soda fanta
Gave up, as arms laiddown
Geological stretch eon
German title herr
Golf's 'Big Easy' Ernie els
Goose egg nil
Group with similar interests circle
Hammer-throw trajectories arcs
Hat of Ecuadorian origin, oddly panama
Headed up led
Held another session remet
High naval rank fulladmiral
Illinois city west of Chicago aurora
Indian brew assamtea
Informal demand for propriety actnice
Instrument with a flared 60-Across clarinet
It's a bad sign illomen
Jack Reacher creator Lee __ child
Jazz singer Jones etta
Kidney-related renal
King's first published novel carrie
Last stroke, usually putt
Like candy canes twotone
Like some folklore oral
Look after tendto
Louisville Sluggers, e.g bats
Made a fast stop? ate
Matter of fact datum
Mild oaths drats
Most fitting aptest
Nam lead-in viet
Not easily ruffled serene
NYC tourist attraction moma
Octane booster fueladditive
On-call volunteer, perhaps fireman
One who can't put down the phone? digitaladdict
Physicist's study atom
Planning session product idea
Poor Yelp rating onestar
Pose in fancy clothes, say model
Puget Sound city tacoma
Put the kibosh on end
Quote qualifier sic
Ready to explode irate
Region in the Eurasian Steppe ural
Reported story newsitem
Resort near Snowbird alta
Road warning horn
Russo of 'The Intern' rene
Sch. with a Phoenix campus asu
Seashore raptor erne
Seaweed wrap purveyors spas
See 17-Down bell
Senior's highlight prom
Severely harm maim
She outwitted a witch gretel
Shelter mission animaladoption
Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park sedona
Slim predatory swimmer congereel
Some movie ratings pgs
Soul, to Sartre ame
Sounds of thunder peals
Source of a draft aletap
Storm relief org fema
Stroked tool oar
Student leader? ess
Studio apartment accommodation airbed
Subs aren't on it ateam
Swiffer product mop
Tokyo : hai :: Paris : __ oui
Truck maker with a bulldog logo mack
Type that can't stay off the grass? stoner
Vichy vacation time ete
Warning during a snowstorm traveladvisory
Watch readout abbr lcd
Weasley family owl errol
Weather-sensitive hr eta
Wild way to go ape
Wild way to run amok
With less delay sooner
Wyndham-owned chain ramada
Youth found in this puzzle's seven longest answers lad
__ Mawr College bryn
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