How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 24 2019

'Barefoot Contessa' cook Garten ina
'Hair' styles afros
'I'll get this one' onme
'JAG' spin-off ncis
'Just __' asking
'Morning Joe' network msnbc
'My mom is gonna kill me!' imdead
'Picnic' playwright inge
'Rebel Without a Cause' actor salmineo
'The Hurt Locker' backdrop war
'This is my __' stop
'To conclude ... ' lastly
'Who cares?' sowhat
'You're a big girl now'? maturityupdate
2015 Payne Stewart Award honoree Ernie els
2016 MLB retiree arod
Ad infinitum noend
Agassi rival sampras
Area 51 creatures, it's said ets
Balladeer Michael bolton
Band aide roadie
Battleship letters uss
Be there attend
Bread grain oat
Brewery fixtures vats
Bungalow inundated with vacationing relatives? overrunhome
Bush or Clinton, once yalie
Bygone Fords ltds
Campus recruiting gp rotc
Candy invented in Austria pez
Capital that's home to the Potala Palace lhasa
Charity alms
Cheese companion mac
Chekov's orig. 'Star Trek' rank ens
Chuck toss
Confident sure
Crêpe cousin blintze
Dallas-to-Houston dir sse
Decorative jug ewer
Dept. formed under Carter ener
Did, but doesn't now usedto
Dining selection entree
DIY mover uhaul
Dodge logo critter ram
Dog or dogie animal
Doggone mad irate
Dr. Leary's turn-on lsd
Easy pill to swallow gelcap
Fiend of fantasy ogre
Flung with force heaved
Freshly stained wet
Funny BBQ scene that got cut? spitouttake
Ghee-brushed bread naan
Give the okay sayyes
Govt. water-testing sites epalabs
Gp. advocating adoption spca
Great Lakes' __ Canals soo
Green of 'Robot Chicken' seth
Group bar orders carafes
Group unhappy with election results? downcastparty
Hammer throw trajectory arc
Has too much ods
Hatcher of 'Desperate Housewives' teri
Hugh of 'House' laurie
Humorist Barry dave
Important span era
Impudent sort snip
It may be lit during the holidays firtree
It may be scented candle
It might be generic drug
It's often bookmarked url
Jack Reacher creator Child lee
Jazz count basie
Job ad abbr eoe
Journalist Larson erik
Kids nagging parents about lack of air conditioning? hotoffspring
Legendary soccer star pele
Less favorable worse
Line dance step toetap
Links army leader arnie
Loan letters iou
Massage offering oilrub
Minute dispute spat
Mother canonized by Pope Francis teresa
Muses' domain arts
New-product div randd
NHL Hall of Famer Stan mikita
Novelist Waugh alec
Old Venetian coin ducat
On the job, initially tcb
One of Tom Brady's three espy
Pal of Aramis athos
Pasta water prep instruction addsalt
Pianist Peter nero
Piazza De Ferrari city genoa
Poor, as excuses go sad
Pose a greater climbing challenge steepen
Postgame staple recap
Pre-calc course trig
Predator and Iconia computers acers
Preview from St. Peter? afterworldtour
Pro shop purchase polo
Put on conspicuous display flaunt
Puts the worm on baits
Queen's mate dronebee
Question doggedly grill
Quite a stretch eons
Relative who shares your birthday, perhaps twin
Return ID ssn
Revenue for a monarchy? kingdomincome
Rich deposit lode
Ristorante suffix ini
River of Pisa arno
Rope in entice
Roundup catcher lasso
Rubbernecks, with 'at' gapes
Running total tally
San Simeon family hearsts
Sandal features tstraps
Seductive sort vamp
Seedless plants ferns
Shoe with lots of holes croc
Should have said meant
Sidestepped gotby
Sleep __ mode
SoCal daily latimes
Struggling to decide torn
Substandard poor
Sullen dour
Takes care of a toy? petsits
The Bee Gees, e.g trio
They may be wireless bras
Touch gently pat
Tourney ranking seed
Triathlon component swim
Unlikely winner of a trite joke contest? cornunderdog
Unpleasant noise din
Unwitting victim stooge
Upscale automaker audi
Vail toppers skihats
Vicksburg soldiers rebs
Virginia senator Kaine tim
Which one who
Withdrawn shy
WWII surrender celebration veday
__ column: concrete-filled steel support lally
'America' contraction tis
'Ella Enchanted' beast ogre
'Follow these steps' doasido
'Hyperion' author Simmons dan
'I want to hear more!' encore
'Including ...?' suchas
'Inglourious Basterds' antagonist Hans landa
'My Best Friend's Wedding' actor Rupert everett
'New phone, who ___?' (insult used on social media when pretending not to know someone) dis
'Rumors' playwright simon
'Seduction of the Minotaur' author Nin anais
'Sugar' singer Jones etta
'The Great British Baking Show' judge Prue ___ leith
'Winter' singer Amos tori
- tone
- range
- not
- con
- wager
- ever
- zing
- toll
1950s song refrain featured in a dinner scene in 'Beetlejuice' dayo
1996 De Niro-Snipes film about a homicidal Giants supporter thefan
Affirmative declaration iam
Allegorical fall setting eden
Approach gonear
Aquarium gastropod snail
At all what
Back, as in a race endorse
Barley wine, e.g ale
Bedevil vex
Ben and Jerry, e.g names
Besides that else
Buenavista buds amigos
Burj Khalifa topper spire
Business card abbr ext
Bye, in Birmingham tata
Cajole coax
Camp accessories boas
Cates of 'Gremlins' phoebe
Comedian Minhaj who hosts the Netflix show 'Patriot Act' hasan
Consider deem
Cuttlefish's organ inksac
Declares confidently avers
Deity referenced in a Veda, and an anagram of a word in this clue deva
Dinner tubes noodles
Dr. treating pharyngitis ent
Dramatic expression of reluctance ida
Drawing game? lotto
Edible sprout source alfalfa
Electrical connections leads
EP A sideone
Exhibited joy, maybe cried
Famke Janssen's 'Nip/Tuck' character ava
Father's exhortation repent
Fixed, as a seam resewed
Fogell's amorous-sounding alias in 'Superbad' mclovin
Form of chrysoberyl that may remind you of a feline body part catseye
Former boy band singer who hosted 'The Singing Bee' joey
Formerly nee
Fortas who resigned from the Supreme Court in 1969 abe
Future funds, briefly iras
Game designer Meier sid
Game tester's work experience, ideally fun
Georg with 31 Grammys solti
Giant in a major league clubhouse, maybe? ego
Grp. authorised to fly raf
Had interest cared
Hair holder snood
Hardest to get rarest
Harsh avian noise caw
He eschewed the fat sprat
In the heart of amid
Inclinations bents
Initials before Tolkien jrr
It may begin with a semicolon emo
It's on the syllabus exam
Jane who taught Adèle eyre
Kansai University locale osaka
Lao Tzu's 'way,' or a cereal grass backward tao
Large container of water designed for observing swells on the water's surface wavetank
Liable apt
Like a 65 Down hindu
Like many Berg or Schoenberg pieces atonal
Like some organs internal
Like stale jokes overdone
Like the Hijri calendar islamic
Line blocking passage cordon
Lock's place scalp
Lock's place door
Lode-bearing places mines
Long line, of a sort dynasty
Lynx gripper claw
Magic star until 1996, familiarly shaq
Make Money, say print
Making the most of maxi
Miriam of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' shor
Most secure, as seals tightest
Nasty types meanies
Nestlé chocolate bar aero
Nudge prod
Old weapon loader ramrod
One in a 'pocket rockets' pair ace
One making big bucks playing big Bucks, say nbacoach
One of seven vowels eta
Originates (from) arises
Pen fare slop
Pertaining to the Kabbalah judaic
Phenomenal stellar
Place not far from Tennessee Avenue stjames
Plutocracy supporters elitists
Potato skin shape, often oval
Princess of Monaco charlene
Private support grp.? uso
Program listing cast
Promotes to the majors callsup
Retail calculation netsales
Ring-shaped structure formed over millions of years cora
Royal widow queen
Safe spaces? banks
Scale unit raised eight times in this puzzle note
Shmi Skywalker's son, familiarly ani
Sketch comedy group's intro? monty
SNL alum Horatio sanz
Sonnet sections sestets
Squelch stifle
Stead lieu
Storage units sheds
Tegan's twin sister and band partner sara
Term for oil in a 1960s sitcom's theme song texastea
They've got the goods markets
Tollbooth feature gate
Tricksy one imp
Tuned in, daddy-o hep
Unimaginative film revivals, in slang retreads
Village ___ elder
Voided service let
Went line by line? traced
What often goes up in a big city rent
What you would expect norm
What you wouldn't expect anomaly
Wheel of Fortune's deck tarot
Whiskey sour garnish slice
Words of thanks ode
___ crackers soda
___ out a win ekes
___ point high
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