How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Sep 11 2006

A base for the boys of summer THIRD
A kind of forest RAIN
A kind of movie role CAMEO
Ala ____ MODE
Animosity HATE
Attempt TRY
Behave sulkily MOPE
Bludgeon COSH
Capital of the Philippines MANILA
Cheers in Pamplona OLES
Confederation father George BROWN
Corn bread PONE
Dene leader George ERASMUS
Despicable LOW
Diefenbaker Minister, George HEES
Early Olympic gold medalist George ORTON
Eskimo woman's knife ULU
Excavate DIG
Film rating ASA
Formerly, old style ERST
Friend, in Frontenac AMI
From K to O LMN
George who replaced Babe Ruth as Yankee slugger SELKIRK
German river EDER
Hasten HIE
Hockey venue RINK
Hostelry INN
Household nuisance FLY
Incite URGE
Indigo dye ANIL
Japanese currency YEN
Killer whale ORCA
Kisser MUG
Lady's given name ADA
Line on an atmospheric pressure chart ISOBAR
Location SITE
Mauna ___ LOA
McDonald's honcho George COHON
Mimes APES
Mineral bearing rock ORE
Molson or Labatt product BEER
Morph or plasm preceder ECTO
Mr. Piggy BOAR
Nippon cent SEN
October stone OPAL
Open and honest FRANK
Place to relax SPA
Play on words PUN
Pod content SEED
Record LOG
Region of ancient Asia Minor IONIA
Regret RUE
Ripped TORE
Ron Howard role OPIE
Ruminant's wad CUD
Sacred chest ARK
Saskatchewan Roughrider George REED
Sixties halucinogen LSD
Summer mo. AUG
Tale of high adventure EPIC
Tasty mollusk OYSTER
The ___, Manitoba PAS
Verbally harass HECKLE
Wet nurse AMAH
World Heavyweight Champion, once ALI
____Spumante ASTI
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