How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 19 2019

''A __ coincidence!'' mere
''Get it?'' see
''LOL,'' verbalized haha
''Sad to say . . .'' alas
''Shoo!'' scat
''Smelling'' stuff salts
''What __, chopped liver?'' ami
''__ you asked . . .'' since
A quarter of ''cuatro'' uno
Actor Neeson liam
Admitting customers open
Allot, with ''out'' mete
Ancient Peruvian inca
Arcade game name atari
Arthur __ Stadium (US Open venue) ashe
Auth. unknown anon
Battery terminal anode
Be bested lose
Betray embarrassment redden
Brit's tony car jag
Bugs Bunny's girlfriend lola
Build-it-yourselfer's mecca ikea
Cascades peak shasta
Caterer's carrier tray
Caviar, essentially eggs
Cessation end
Chip away at erode
Coal derivative tar
Coleridge creation rime
Color with no rhyme orange
Commonwealth's capital sanjuan
Costs runs
Covered with ceramic tiled
Cranial cavity sinus
Crossing-the-plate stat rbi
Crowd-sourced review site yelp
Cyberauction site ebay
Cylindrical sandwich wrap
Direct, in ''Variety'' helm
Display of anger rage
Diviner's deck tarot
Doesn't share hogs
Edith Wharton hero frome
Emergency 29 Down militia
Environs area
Family members sons
Fill a truck or trunk loadup
Firms up tones
Focused at work ontask
Glaringly vivid lurid
Gramophone inventor edison
Green land erin
Have a bug ail
Hawaiian restaurant figurines tikis
Help out with assiston
Home of most Hawaiians oahu
Hosiery hue ecru
Hurt severely maim
Is connected, sort of hasanin
It means ''beyond'' meta
It sounds like air ere
It trademarked ''escalator'' otis
It's a distance measure lightyear
It's a marsupial koalabear
It's a meat product headcheese
It's a meteor fallingstar
It's a nerve funnybone
It's a woodwind englishhorn
It's carbon pencillead
It's done with fluids drycleaning
It's made in Ecuador panamahat
Just hanging around idle
Kin of contra- anti
Korean car kia
Landscaper's purchase seed
Lapel jewelry pins
Large group army
Laughfest riot
Least tainted purest
Like __ (very quickly) ashot
Loft bundle bale
Made an exact copy of cloned
Make-up exam retest
Mani-pedi places spas
Mapping ratio scale
Marching with precision instep
Mexican ancestor mayan
Midmorning hour ten
Mission-stopping command abort
Modify amend
More than sore mad
Mr. Potato Head piece ear
Name meaning ''faithful'' fidel
Nautical nonsense bilge
Need a break tire
Needing a fill-up low
New Orleans cuisine creole
Nickname for some teachers prof
Nonprofits, e.g.: Abbr orgs
Nuptials site altar
Piped up spoke
Poetic direction yon
Prepare, as pizza dough knead
Pride centers egos
Promote with gusto tout
Provoke incite
Quick snacks bites
Recital song aria
Regatta craft sloop
Rhineland road bahn
Run late lag
Running late behind
Sandal part strap
Shoves off splits
Small bouquet posy
Small earring stud
Snow-day ride sled
Snowballs, for instance ammo
Societal norms mores
Something seen image
South America's ''spine'' andes
Stadium sound effect echo
Steel-__ boots toed
Stored before selling aged
Strike, in the Bible smite
Swelter bake
Taiwan's locale eastasia
Texas ballplayer astro
Tibetan city lhasa
Ticket datum seat
Tiny jumper flea
To-do lists agendas
Touches against abuts
Troubadour's strings lute
Twenty Questions category animal
Two octaves, for some singers range
Unibody Apple imac
Veal serving chop
White-sale buy linen
Whom the Swiss Guards guard pope
Wine judge's consideration aroma
Wine judge's sense taste
Wine judge's sense palate
Wine judge's subject rose
Yemen's largest city sanaa
__ qua non sine
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