How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 16 2009

''Am not!'' reply ARESO
''Knock it off!'' STOP
20 Across, for example BIRD
401(k) alternative: Abbr. IRA
Adored celebrity IDOL
All-knowing WISE
Altar vows IDOS
America's national symbol BALDEAGLE
Answering-machine sound BEEP
Asparagus units SPEARS
Be visibly happy WEARASMILE
Beach-umbrella offering SHADE
Boot bottom SOLE
Borscht vegetables BEETS
Canonized one SAINT
Castle protectors MOATS
Cavalry weapons SABERS
Clutter-free NEAT
Cribs and cots BEDS
Curly-haired dog POODLE
Custard-filled desserts ECLAIRS
Don't have LACK
Eager AVID
Eiffel Tower locale PARIS
Entices LURES
Face-to-face tests ORALS
Feeling angry SORE
Fence opening GATE
Fill with joy ELATE
Formal order DECREE
Goatee's location CHIN
Inventive thought IDEA
Is caught in a downpour GETSWET
Is the owner of HAS
Lab rat's challenge MAZE
Leg joint KNEE
Lobster relative CRAB
Luau dance HULA
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Money in Italy EURO
Much the same ALIKE
Neither's partner NOR
Nonglossy wall finish FLATPAINT
Not respectful RUDE
Not wordy TERSE
Opera highlight ARIA
Paid out SPENT
Paving material TAR
Plant with fronds FERN
Playground fixture SLIDE
Prison room CELL
Proofreader's find ERROR
Pub beverage ALE
Really dislike DETEST
Remain upright, in the pool TREADWATER
Retired planes: Abbr. SSTS
Road curve BEND
Scottish caps TAMS
Sewing-kit items NEEDLES
Sighs of relief AHS
Small taste BITE
Smooth out EVEN
Sow's squeal OINK
Spoken for TAKEN
Stays out of sight HIDES
Storm drains SEWERS
Swinglike circus device TRAPEZE
Sword metal STEEL
Taps the brakes SLOWS
Turn, as pancakes FLIP
U-turn from NNW SSE
Untrue FALSE
Wander ROAM
Wipe the blackboard ERASE
Woodpeckers' noses BEAKS
Writing tablets PADS
Yellow citrus fruit LEMON
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