How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 29 2009

''Now!'' in a memo ASAP
''Toodle-oo!'' TATA
''Where the heart is'' HOME
A Great Lake ERIE
Adds frosting to ICES
Adored ones IDOLS
Arrive at LAX, for example LAND
Attack from all sides BESET
Back-to-health program REHAB
Ballerina's skirt TUTU
Bearlike zoo beast PANDA
Biblical son of Isaac JACOB
Book of maps ATLAS
Bosc or Bartlett PEAR
Bridle attachment REIN
Business-name abbr. INC
Business-name abbr. CORP
Calf's dad BULL
Cleaning cloth RAG
Compared to THAN
Concealed HIDDEN
Creative thought IDEA
Daredevil's feat STUNT
Decorative feather PLUME
Expert ACE
Extra tires SPARES
F sharp's equivalent GFLAT
Far from shore ASEA
Fits to __ (is just right) ATEE
Highway, e.g. ROAD
Husband of Eve ADAM
In addition ALSO
Inst. of learning ACAD
It's a week before Easter PALMSUNDAY
Keyboard again RETYPE
Land measure ACRE
Lasting mark SCAR
Like a busybody NOSY
Look narrowly PEER
Lower leg SHIN
Lustrous fabric SATIN
Magician's word PRESTO
Military group UNIT
More than scarce RARE
Not as much LESS
Online auctioneer EBAY
Opera solo ARIA
Out of bed ASTIR
Party munchies FINGERFOOD
Pass to everyone HANDAROUND
Photocopier powder TONER
Poker player's words IMIN
Ponders MUSES
Prayer ender AMEN
Processes, as a check CASHES
Puts on, as clothes DONS
Ready to hit a baseball ATBAT
Refuse SAYNO
Ripped TORE
Secluded valley GLEN
Signs of things to come OMENS
Sneezer's need TISSUE
Solemn vow OATH
Sound of distress MOAN
Stadium ARENA
Star-related ASTRAL
Tells a little lie FIBS
Tenant-owned apartment CONDO
Top draft status ONEA
Uncool type NERD
Underdog's win UPSET
Untidy MESSY
Up the creek, so to speak INAJAM
Valentine flower ROSE
Workplace safety org. OSHA
__ Arabia (Mideast nation) SAUDI
__ now (so far) UPTO
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