How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 04 2016

''First Lady of Civil Rights'' PARKS
''God Bless America'' bodies OCEANS
''Pink trying to be purple,'' per Whistler MAUVE
''Protect it from __ that hack'' (''The Lorax'' advice) AXES
''__ 60 ? Live at Madison Square Garden'' (2007 DVD) ELTON
'39 film whose poster urged, ''Don't pronounce it -- see it!'' NINOTCHKA
1840s utopian community that Hawthorne joined BROOKFARM
8,028th-century humanoid ELOI
9 Down meas KPH
Add to the kudos for ECHO
AmeriCorps group of nearly a million ALUMS
As we speak EVENNOW
ATM input AMT
Author who kept journals for 60+ years NIN
Award of a sort PLAQUE
Bavarian collectibles HUMMELS
Be snakelike MEANDER
Berlin subway UBAHN
Bingo substitute AHA
Block of cereal HAYBALE
Bouncy PERT
Comics king of Atlantis AQUAMAN
Concluding with AND
Creature with eyespots on its wings IOMOTH
Designation with an agricultural etymology EARMARK
Economic slur of the 1980 campaign VOODOO
Fireplace support LINTEL
Flan ingredient CARAMEL
Fodder eaten by mudders RYE
Free of expectations, maybe ONALARK
Glitchlessly TOATURN
Group offering a Safe Proofing LLCs course ABA
Harlow in ''The Aviator'' STEFANI
Heston's wife in ''The Ten Commandments'' DECARLO
Holding a lot LADEN
It comes off the rack RIBMEAT
It's about 200 miles southeast of Chattanooga on I-75 MACON
Job on Martin Luther's résumé MONK
Join the club ENROLL
Kingdom segments PHYLA
Landing site for bees STAMEN
Landing site for Columbus in 1493 STKITTS
Lean Cuisine owner NESTLE
Mechanical calculator inventor PASCAL
Name in Cockney rhyming slang for ''spoon'' LORNA
Old-school encouragement RAHS
One in a concessionaire's ''boat'' NACHO
Operation that captured Saddam REDDAWN
Perfunctory TOKEN
Psyched up STOKED
Pull off ACHIEVE
Range with tees SML
Recipient of a tip HAT
Removed mud from, maybe HOSEDDOWN
Saying for a long time OLDSAW
Shout with a quelling glance TMI
Some sommelier suggestions BLUSHES
Songwriter with the most Oscar nominations SAMMYCAHN
Speaker's place AMP
Special __ OPS
Symbol of Scotland HEATHER
Took the risk of CHANCED
Union alternative to the NEA AFT
Venerate HALLOW
Vial adjunct STOPPLE
What fills some faces, for short LCD
Where a line stops DEPOT
Where you may pay a steep price TEASHOP
Wonderland talker that Carroll based on himself DODO
WWII ''This is my war too!'' org WAAC
__ nut HEX
__ Street 3 (video game with a Yards for Points mode) NFL
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