How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 15 2018

''Positive Thinking'' proponent peale
''The Alienist'' author carr
''Venus de __'' milo
''Wheel of Fortune'' category place
1,001 Nights honorific ali
19 Across/director Gerwig greta
1958 #1 song with Italian lyrics volare
29-season sitcom family simpsons
30-year govt. security tbond
301, to Tiberius ccci
A Bolivian capital sucre
A whole bunch lots
Acts sulky pouts
Ad-hoc, as an airline nonsked
Ado disturbance
Alamo competitor avis
Another way to say ''Yay!'' ole
Asian cuisine thai
Assailed setat
Bar aspirant's hurdle lsat
Baseball great Satchel paige
Betting figures odds
British carriages prams
Brown beverages colas
Catch by surprise snare
Certain college team member debater
Chaplain padre
Cheesy Welsh dish rarebit
Chorus from a crowd chant
Clear-headed sober
Color close to avocado peagreen
Conclusions of many fights tkos
Cookout residue ashes
Course to breeze through easya
Creative Writing recitals poems
Culminated in ledto
Cut off over
Cutoff point end
Darn it tear
Devoid of moisture arid
Diner device frier
Disney mermaid ariel
Do scrimshaw, say carve
Downy duck eider
Dutch pottery city delft
Enjoy eating savor
Faction side
Farm cart dray
Feathery scarves boas
Firewood covering tarp
Flaws in logic holes
Fresh talk sass
Frosty's eyes coal
Get extra help, as a builder subcontract
Girl in ''Calvin and Hobbes'' susie
Glossy fabric sateen
Graceful African runner gazelle
Group with many GPs ama
Guys, so to speak dudes
Hall with poor acoustics barn
Hardly full of surprises predictable
Heightens elevates
Highest part of an Emmy atom
Hoodlum weapon switchblade
Indulgent outing spree
Is worthy of earns
Laura or Bruce dern
Lavish banquet feast
Leather color tan
Letters atop some memos fyi
Like the singing of 48 Down nasal
Low-pH solution acid
Madden rile
Make muddled addle
Marinara alternative pesto
Measure of force dyne
Metaphor for slipperiness eel
Michelangelo masterpiece pieta
Midwest airline hub ohare
Minuteman adversary redcoat
Nastase of tennis ilie
Ne'er-do-well scamp
Non-product businesses services
Noteworthy ages eras
One ''in the woods'' babe
One returning to crime backslider
One with a part to play actor
Only composer Nobelist dylan
Operatic piece duet
Operatic piece aria
Original idea brainchild
Overdo it onstage emote
Oversee head
Palette array hues
Paver's supply tar
Performed poorly stunk
Pitched properly onkey
Places to dock piers
Player of song antelope
Pompous walk strut
Poplar trees aspens
Prenatal test, for short amnio
Propane or polyethylene hydrocarbon
Quartet in Mississippi esses
Raucous noise blare
Retail ID upc
Roasts with rubs ribs
Sampras of tennis pete
Savory jelly aspic
Schwarzenegger oxymoronic film title truelies
Sesame paste tahini
Slalom gear skipoles
Socked away saved
Stadium staple scoreboard
Story lines arcs
Subordinate staff aides
Tanning lotion letters spf
The here and now present
Thin nails brads
Title equivalent to earl count
Too clever cute
Trattoria freebie breadstick
Trickle ooze
TV streaming service hulu
Unburdened (from) freed
Unsung hero of WWII codebreaker
Unwise course of action badbet
Upper echelon elite
US surveillance plane awacs
Well-kept tidy
West African nation benin
What 22 Across is Italian for air
What the ten longest answers have in common abcd
What's kept under mice pads
Wheel-shaped cheese brie
Whose arms sleepers rest in morpheus
Willow tree osier
Winged Olympian eros
Word processor command edit
Wreath of victory laurel
Xerox rival ricoh
Young lady lass
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