How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 11 2018

''. . . against __ of troubles'' asea
''Everything else'' choice other
''Exploding'' gag gift cigar
''Get lost!'' scat
''Prehensile'' part tail
''Sloppy'' sandwich stuff joe
''Sure'' okay
''Waterloo'' supergroup abba
''We're headed for trouble'' uhoh
Actress Kendrick anna
African cobras asps
Annapolis inst usna
Apprehensive uneasy
At an angle slanting
Baroque music giant bach
Basic cable channel tnt
Bass in range deep
Beloved dear
Blessed event birth
Born: Fr nee
Brainstorming products ideas
Brewery container beerkeg
Brewery container cask
Brief moment bit
Bring forth educe
Bring up rear
Bring-and-__ (show-and-tell) brag
Brits' raincoats macs
Brunch staple eggs
Burgundy grape pinot
Cape south of Kitty Hawk hatteras
Caper antic
Choose to serve elect
Clinton labor secretary reich
Coffeehouse serving latte
Confirmed ensured
Cowpoke's ride hoss
Crams, say preps
Deck officer bosn
Delves for seeks
Destructive software trojanhorse
Dice throw snakeeyes
Doo-wop group shanana
Elevator innovator otis
Empty threat papertiger
Entered as a mediator steppedin
Enticement lure
Entry on a salary scale paygrade
Equitable fair
Expenses outgo
Extra helping seconds
Fabricated madeup
Falls asleep, with ''out'' zonks
Feeds the goats, perhaps hays
Feign feelings emote
Felonious facilitator fence
Frying medium lard
Game summary recap
Go by dogsled mush
Grandiose epic
Handy for snacking bitesized
HBO rival sho
HDTV brand rca
High hairstyle updo
Hodgepodge hash
Hole in the ground canyon
Hound's following scent
Industrial operations factories
Indy Jones quest ark
Insurer's concern risk
Interview post-mission debrief
It means ''singular'' mono
Jazz great Fitzgerald ella
John Wayne Oscar role roostercogburn
Kindergarten cry for attention meme
Leading the league ontop
Leave off omit
Lose energy sag
Lustrous look sheen
Made inquiries asked
Maritime marauder pirate
Miser's cry mine
Move it rush
Nautical poles spars
Niña companion pinta
Nonstarting crew bteam
Not quite oneself underpar
Nullify undo
Oboe, for one reed
Oklahoma city enid
One doing intros emcee
Overwhelm with work swamp
Partakes of uses
Passé movie players vcrs
Phrase seen before ''valentine'' bemy
Place for pins lane
Polo participant pony
Property papers deeds
Put up with abide
Rain in Spain agua
Raw vegetables, informally rabbitfood
Recital performances pieces
Red Muppet elmo
Released with a click unsnapped
Represented or recommended spokefor
Reproachful sound tsk
Roman forger vulcan
Rugged cliff crag
San __, CA mateo
Send-up spoof
Sensing device detector
Served as been
Seward Peninsula city nome
Sewn edge hem
Shepherd's pie server pub
Some PD officers lts
Sonata section rondo
Spacious wide
Sports, as a sports jacket hason
Stiff and sore achy
Sturgeon delicacy roe
Subject for experimentation guineapig
Swelter bake
System of standards code
Tennis great Agassi andre
Third oldest American university yale
Those voting for ayes
Tinker with adjust
Tomfoolery monkeybusiness
Transportation Dept. agency faa
Valvoline competitor stp
Vast disarray chaos
Very lean one scrag
Victimize, with ''on'' prey
Voice on some phones siri
Weightlifting move jerk
What's for dinner entree
Where some livestock lives barn
Wind down end
Winter coaster sled
Writer Harte bret
WWII turning point dday
Zebra cousins asses
__ Holiness (Dalai Lama address) his
__ Tyme (bygone, in brand names) olde
__-mo replay slo
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