How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 18 2016

''A Beautiful Mind'' star CROWE
''Aladdin'' prince ALI
''Science Guy'' of TV NYE
''Take this'' HERE
''The Winds of War'' author WOUK
''Without a doubt!'' FORSURE
''You shouldn't do that'' BADIDEA
2009 Peace Nobelist OBAMA
Aids in a crime ABETS
Airport shuttle TRAM
Antarctic explorer Shackleton ERNEST
Antidrug cop NARC
Archer's equipment BOWANDARROW
Ascended ARISEN
Baby bird PEEPER
Basement racer, perhaps TOYCAR
Be sorry about REGRET
Beast on Michigan's flag ELK
Belittle, so to speak DIS
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Big brute OGRE
Big name in wrap ALCOA
Bingham of ''Baywatch'' TRACI
Bout enders KOS
Brief moment TRICE
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Camper's stove fuel BUTANE
Cannonballs, for instance AMMO
Canonized ''femme'': Abbr STE
Capture SNARE
Celebrity's projection IMAGE
Centers of activity HUBS
Chatty get-together GABFEST
China-shop purchases TEASETS
Church officer DEACON
CIA forerunner OSS
Color-chart listing HUE
Complains, so to speak MOANS
Consolidate UNIFY
Country singer Gibbs TERRI
CPR expert EMT
Cyberzines EMAGS
Darkened GREWDIM
Data in coll. transcripts GPAS
Domino product CANESUGAR
Edible ears CORN
Ending like -trix ENNE
Episodic story line ARC
Essay page OPED
Excelled SHONE
Falling-out RIFT
Fashion sense TASTE
Fine wood EBONY
Finish with NET
First acrylic fiber ORLON
Forcefully attacks LIGHTSINTO
Formally establish ENACT
Gave up a seat STOOD
Golden St. campus UCLA
Half a figure eight ESS
Hence ERGO
Hollywood nickname TINSELTOWN
Homeric epic ILIAD
Hotel employee BELLCAPTAIN
Human dynamo BALLOFFIRE
Imprudent activity FOLLY
Interior design DECOR
Isn't oneself AILS
Keep bothering NAGAT
Licorice-flavored herb ANISE
Limp as __ ARAG
Long-established OLD
Loose overcoat RAGLAN
Low-fat LEAN
Lowly worker PEON
Major blood vessel AORTA
Make a mess of RUIN
Make a mess of GUMUP
Many ''Hamlet'' characters DANES
Masterpiece GEM
Medieval drudge SERF
Morocco's capital RABAT
Much of the Old World ASIA
Natural skin soother ALOE
Nephew of Donald Duck LOUIE
New Basketball Hall of Famer ONEAL
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Non-studio film INDIE
Not minding one's manners RUDE
Obstinate beast ASS
One-liner GAG
Original locale of Muscle Beach SANTAMONICA
Ornamental shrub SPIREA
Parisian ''Cool!'' OUI
Parisian school ECOLE
Part of S&L LOAN
Parts of mushrooms STEMS
Playground assertion IDOSO
Porthole view OCEAN
Preschooler's dinner wear BIB
Pulls suddenly YANKS
Quick bite NOSH
Range rover STEER
Rec-room scrape RUGBURN
Ripply fabric pattern MOIRE
Rural storehouse SILO
Scored 100% on ACED
Sleepyhead in an Everlys tune SUSIE
Sound of steam HISS
Sra. Perón's homeland ARG
Stallone's commando RAMBO
Strong __ ox ASAN
Struggling with choices TORN
Stumbling block OBSTACLE
Support for a statue PEDESTAL
Sushi staple TUNA
Sweater size LARGE
Syrian __ Republic ARAB
Take one's sweet time DAWDLE
Talent series once hosted by Ed McMahon STARSEARCH
Tech support caller USER
Teheran native IRANI
Telly watcher BRIT
Tennis official UMPIRE
Textile factory MILL
Thin pasta ANGELHAIR
Thorn in one's side BANE
Tibet's capital LHASA
Took a trial break RECESSED
Tortuous journey ODYSSEY
Tourney passes BYES
Track event MEET
Transport by truck HAUL
Tried a new hue REDYED
Turn out to be ENDUP
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Video arcade pioneer ATARI
Was bold DARED
Was indebted to OWED
Wheat husk BRAN
Wine grape PINOT
Yellowish brown KHAKI
__ one's time (waited) BIDED
__ Park (Edison lab site) MENLO
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