How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 10 2008

''Alexander'' director STONE
''Alice's Restaurant'' fellow ARLO
''American Idol'' judge ABDUL
''Beetle Bailey'' dog OTTO
''Cool!'' NEAT
''Golden Boy'' playwright ODETS
''Gotcha, man!'' IDIG
''My Cousin Vinny'' Oscar winner TOMEI
''Rock revival'' tune OLDIE
''Roots'', for example SAGA
'50s singing star BOONE
36 Down, for example ASIAN
Accumulate AMASS
Actress MacDowell ANDIE
African capital TRIPOLI
Air pollution SMOG
Allege POSIT
Ancient Britons CELTS
April addressee IRS
Arrange SETUP
Back into a corner TREE
Background noises DINS
Bar bottles GINS
Be overly petty SPLITHAIRS
Bearing MIEN
Become frozen ICEUP
Boo accompanier HISS
Bother EATAT
Break ground HOE
Bridges SPANS
Buffalo NHLer SABRE
Cambodian neighbor THAI
Campaign '88 quote READMYLIPS
Camping equipment TENTS
Catering equipment URNS
Chef's need STOVE
Chinese divination book ICHING
Church council SYNOD
Close follower FAN
Cobbler's job SHOEING
Combustible heaps PYRES
Crannies' partners NOOKS
Currier collaborator IVES
Dame Diana RIGG
Damon's pal PYTHIAS
Dash RUN
Deep black RAVEN
Deliberately avoid SHUN
Diminutive suffix LET
Divided APART
Do away with ABOLISH
Does a kitchen job SCOURS
Donald's nephews, e.g. TRIO
Dove alternative CAMAY
Dr. Montessori MARIA
Endorses BACKS
Explodes in anger LASHESOUT
Far from allegro LENTO
Farm sight SILO
Fill, and then some SATE
Found, as a relic DUGUP
Four, on phones GHI
Four-legged charger STEED
French royal house CAPET
Freudian concern EGO
Friends of Paris AMIS
Gave conditionally LENT
Golf pro Els ERNIE
Goose-step, perhaps MARCH
Grievous distress WOE
Haifa native ISRAELI
Headlights BEAMS
Heidi, for one SWISS
Helena hrs. MST
Helper: Abbr. ASST
Honeydew alternative CASABA
India's first prime minister NEHRU
Intro drawing class ARTI
Kelly's costar REGIS
Key of a Bach mass BMINOR
Lacks existence ISNT
Leaf through SCAN
Like Inspector Clouseau INEPT
Looked over EYED
Lovely to look at EASYONTHEEYES
Ltr. additions PSS
Many a Florida Key ISLET
Marquand title character APLEY
Merlot and Pinot Noir REDS
Monroe and Bardot BLONDES
New York city UTICA
No longer pristine USED
Norse god THOR
Not-so-smart group CLODS
On the left, on the water APORT
On __ with (equivalent to) APAR
One of Chekhov's ''Three Sisters'' IRINA
Oneness UNISON
Pakistani tongue URDU
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Poker player's declaration IMIN
Proscribed TABOO
Rains ice SLEETS
Rascal SCAMP
Real creep HEEL
Refrain from revealing SITON
Regard with disdain TURNUPONESNOSE
Remain optimistic KEEPONESCHINUP
Rock-concert purchase TSHIRT
Royal-flush component ACE
Russian John IVAN
Sci-fi character ALIEN
Sets of two DYADS
Shoulder gesture SHRUG
Small songbird VIREO
Smart group MENSA
Spanning ACROSS
Starts up again RESUMES
Staying power LEGS
Style of wrestling SUMO
Sub sandwich HERO
Sullen MOODY
The 13th or the 15th IDES
The Dionnes, notably QUINTS
Theater district RIALTO
Title of respect SIR
Toon troublemaker BART
Topographical necks ISTHMI
Truffaut or Hitchcock AUTEUR
Twist into ringlets CURL
Undistinguished SOSO
Vault SAFE
Vein contents ORE
Video-game pioneer ATARI
Volvo alternative SAAB
Wag's words QUIP
Whomever ANYONE
With whimsical irony TONGUEINCHEEK
Worked on one's muscles TONED
Youngest Ivy League school CORNELL
Zealous ones DEMONS
__ Lanka SRI
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