How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 19 2019

'Beetle' of comics bailey
'Charlie's Angels' co-star farrahfawcett
'Goodness!' ohdear
'Popeye' cartoonist Segar elzie
'The African Queen' scriptwriter James agee
'This — surprise!' isa
'— Meenie' (2010 hit song) eenie
1986-2001 space station mir
24/7 care ctrs ers
A genial mood goodhumor
Actor Bruce lee
Actress Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' oona
Actress Vardalos nia
Analogized likened
Animal life fauna
Antique, quaintly olde
Artful dodge ruse
Audible exhalations sighs
Aviate fly
Be televised air
Big hit smash
Big TV brand rca
Bighearted generous
Block of history era
Book before Jeremiah isaiah
Bratty tot imp
Bright blue gem lapislazuli
Cakewalk romp
Carpentry rod dowel
Chilean money peso
Chin feature dimple
Collect deserved benefits reaprewards
Common painting medium oilcolor
Crime boss John gotti
Czech-German river elbe
Devalued lowered
Diarist Anaïs nin
Doesn't go stays
Donkey burro
Electric current units amperes
Emissary's residence embassy
Estate house manor
Ethically indifferent amoral
Exhausting usingup
Face part eye
Fashion's von Fürstenberg egon
Feel regret about rue
First-aid plant aloe
Flood zone protections levees
Floored it sped
For every per
Funny Foxx redd
Fuse unite
Garbage tripe
Glass sheet pane
He-sheep ram
Ineffective otiose
Interweave braid
Ireland's — Lingus aer
Jewel box contents cds
Journalist Burnett erin
Jungle jaunts safaris
Kagan on the high bench elena
Knives, e.g utensils
Large mop swab
Lasses gals
Less feral tamer
Like Iran's religion islamic
Like ruled paper lined
Little buddy kiddo
Lock horns argue
Long strip of high-end shops along a road miraclemile
Made an intrinsic part of builtinto
Magnetism appeal
Magnetism pull
Make fuzzy blur
Make it last
Many a metal alloy, chemically solidsolution
Many supermarket entrances doubledoors
Mauna — Observatory loa
Meat cut loin
Mendes of 'Hitch' eva
Milk sugar lactose
Missing GI awol
Mojave plant agave
More artful slier
More cruel meaner
Musical symbol clef
Not generic branded
Nothing but mere
Notwithstanding albeit
Novelist Wiesel elie
Oafish type ape
Oar wielder rower
Overhead trains els
Part of ABA bar
People showing sympathy pitiers
Pinnacle acme
Place in bondage enslave
Pottery base clay
Purse part clasp
Put in a tomb inter
Really very
Repeated musical sequence in this puzzle scale
Restricts limits
Roll out, as a flag unfurl
Ruhr article der
Ruhr article ein
Satire device irony
Saucy Aussie 'Dame' edna
See 21-Across god
Semi engine diesel
She-sheep ewe
Singer Cole paula
Small world? globe
Son of Adam and Eve abel
Spill-catching neckwear bib
Step in ballet pas
Stir up, as waters roil
Succeeding after
Suitable to be bartered tradable
Swamp critter gator
Swell out bulge
Swerved yawed
Synagogue leader rabbi
Tease twit
Tendency trend
To be, in Arles etre
Torchiere, e.g lamp
Truck and SUV maker gmc
Turin-to-Milan dir ene
Uncles, e.g kin
Used a shovel dug
Usual thing norm
Violinist Hilary hahn
Water swirl eddy
What you can hear from an audible clock tickingtime
With 71-Across, act all-powerful play
With gusto avidly
Writer Locke alain
Yoga pose with hands and feet on the floor downwarddog
Yr. ender dec
— -fi sci
— Ababa, Ethiopia addis
— beat (falter slightly) missa
— Island (former immigration gateway) ellis
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