How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Mar 18 2018

'-- & Greg' (old sitcom) dharma
'-- Kett' etta
'Aha!' isee
'Ay, --!' (cry from Bart Simpson) caramba
'Cleopatra' director cecilbdemille
'Conga' singer Gloria estefan
'Give -- call' mea
'Law & Order: --' (TV spinoff) svu
'Let it stand' stet
'Let me think ...' hmm
'Nurse Jackie' actress evebest
'Showdown' rock gp elo
'Shucks!' gee
'Sure, hon' yesdear
'Westworld' airer hbo
'Yep, sounds about right' idsayso
-- -jongg mah
-- -wip (dessert topping) reddi
-- Hashana rosh
-- Nabisco (old corp.) rjr
-- tube (TV) boob
-- Zedong mao
1836 Texas siege setting alamo
1971 Donny Osmond hit heygirl
A, in Iberia una
About inre
Actress Capshaw kate
Actress Lucy liu
AFL- -- cio
Agitates shakesup
Alabama march city selma
All-work-and-no-play Jack, per an adage dullboy
Ample, to Li'l Abner enuf
Anchor in a forest treeroot
Anjou, e.g pear
Annoyed irked
Barely gets, with 'out' ekes
Be on a slant lean
Bi- x four octa
Biblical wife of Isaac rebekah
Branch of knowledge academicfield
Brother of Wilbur Wright orville
Cherry, e.g red
Circular gasket oring
Classic Italian song osolemio
Control on a sound mixer slidebar
Dallas-to-NYC dir ene
Dean who invented the Segway kamen
Disney deer bambi
Disney's Ariel, e.g mermaid
Do one's part again? recomb
Doe or sow female
Dwight Gooden's nickname drk
Electronic device's evaluation state testmode
Eur. nation alb
Farm baby lamb
Farm baby kid
Fast swim dip
First lessons abcs
Flesh on a rack ribmeat
Fore-and-aft rig section topmast
George of 'King Rat' segal
Goat's bleat maa
Gooey camp snacks smores
Great delight joy
Greek Week groups frats
Green: Prefix eco
Haste speed
Health insurance invoice medicalclaim
Highest-quality bluechip
Ill-bred guy cad
In medias -- res
Italian gold oro
Jack of old talk TV paar
Jekyll and -- hyde
Jr.-to-be soph
Just slightly acrack
La -- Tar Pits brea
Laid up ill
Lerner's partner loewe
Libertine roue
Lighten up ease
Like the god Anubis jackalheaded
Lisa, vis-à-vis the Simpson kids middlechild
Lye, e.g alkali
Michael of 'Juno' cera
Mimic a lion roar
Model Banks tyra
Neckline type vee
Nero's 1,150 mcl
Non-barking hunting dog basenji
Not punctual late
Off the clock for a while at work onbreak
One exiling banisher
Orig. texts mss
Oxygen, e.g element
Paella need rice
Pale grayish ashy
Part of DVD disc
PC character format ascii
Pesticide banned in '72 ddt
Pic on a web page, say embeddedimage
Pigs' hangout sty
Plural 'is' are
Powell of 'Rosalie' eleanor
Price cost
Priest's study: Abbr rel
Prince Charles' wife camilla
Prop- ender ane
Randy Quaid thriller about a menacing car blackcadillac
Red Sox Hall of Famer Bobby doerr
Referred alluded
Regrets rues
Ride ordered via app uber
Rite Aid competitor cvs
Route way
Sci-fi ability esp
See 86-Down code
Shameless untruth baldfacedlie
So-so grade cee
Spanish sailing ships caravels
Star of Earth sun
Start to use adopt
Suffix of ordinals eth
Suffix with ranch ero
Summer Games gp ioc
Sweetie, in modern lingo bae
Tater spud
This puzzle's nine longest answers use only the first half of it alphabet
Those, to Juan esos
Ticket for a suitcase at an airport baggagecheck
Tire snagger rut
Tons of a vitamin, say megadose
Took way too much, in brief oded
Towed-away car, maybe repo
Trait sources genes
Type widths ems
Ungiving sort miser
Univ. senior's test gre
Urge along impel
Very big bird emu
Watch datum time
West and Busch maes
Western tribe ute
With 114-Down, phone number part area
Work unit erg
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