How many letters in the Answer?

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'Law & Order' spinoff, informally svu
'Quo Vadis' director -- LeRoy mervyn
'You --!' ('Oh yeah!') betcha
1999 Ron Howard satire edtv
A bit askew off
A Stooge moe
Actor Grammer kelsey
Actress Plimpton martha
Actress Tyler liv
Admin. aide asst
Aftershock tremor
American elk wapiti
Annex add
Appear to be seem
Author Dinesen isak
Avocado dip, for short guac
Ballroom dance chacha
Big maker of food cans alcoa
Big sum given for finding a lost pet, perhaps handsomereward
Bill depicting Lincoln five
Blood vessel openers stents
Bo of 'Bolero' derek
Brand of nonstick cookware tfal
Brother, in Paris frere
Certain Arab omani
Certain rigging support topmast
China's -- Zedong mao
Clear kitchen wrap saran
Clear skies and 70 degrees, say lovelyweather
Coffee shop employee barista
Comes after as a result ensues
Conan's TV home tbs
Condition of equilibrium stasis
Creepy quality eeriness
Crow cry caw
Decided opted
Despise hate
Ed with Emmys asner
Emu relative rhea
Ending for meth- ane
Equitable market practices faircompetition
Farm output crop
Father papa
Father, in Madrid padre
Fathers, informally oldmen
Finicky picky
Fit snugly nestle
Fixed price setfee
Food symbolizing America applepie
Forest cat ocelot
Fraction of about 11% ninth
Furious irate
Granola tidbit oat
Greek 'T' tau
Habanero, for one hotpepper
Hack down hew
Hair bit strand
Hat's edge brim
Have supper dine
Heaped up piled
Highest point apex
Horned viper asp
Hosp. body scan mri
Inclined (to) apt
Infant bed cradle
It's painted to make something seem better than it is prettypicture
Italian port genoa
Label for the Jackson 5 motown
Lax lenient
Lendl's sport tennis
Less lax sterner
Liberal arts subj eng
Like rhythmic verse metrical
Like trade winds easterly
Low pair in poker twos
Mag bigwigs eds
Magnetic pull attractiveforce
Measure of current flow ampere
Mended fixed
Mosey along amble
News bit item
Nintendo console wii
Non-poetry prose
Not as tough easier
Not on time tardy
Notions that an imp might get cuteideas
Novelist Zora -- Hurston neale
Of hearing aural
One of Nixon's daughters tricia
Ontario city ottawa
Org. for drs ama
Oscar winner Helen mirren
Oval part arc
Pack tightly tamp
Part of CEO chief
Part of REO eli
Pays mind to heeds
PC readout of a sort lcd
Pine relative fir
Place for downhillers skiarea
Place for online small talk chatroom
Plus others: Abbr etal
Pot tops lids
Quart fourth cup
Quite rather
Rented living spaces: Abbr apts
Roth -- ira
Sale proviso asis
Sanctify with oil anoint
Santa Fe-to-Denver dir nne
Saucy pert
Scenting substances odorants
Screening airport org tsa
Sedating substance opioid
See 57-Across wet
Send, as payment remit
SFO posting eta
Shorn wool fleece
Shot callers refs
Slaving away atit
Slow -- (Asian primate) loris
Smell -- (suspect something) arat
Soup scoop ladle
Spoil ruin
Stopover site inn
Suffix with journal ese
Suffix with journal ist
Suffix with script ure
Swirly marbles agates
Target rival kmart
Tenures terms
Thieve steal
Thither yon
Tropical fruit papaya
TV producer Michaels lorne
Understood by very few arcane
Uvea's organ eye
Verbal tests orals
Victory sign vee
Walk (on) tread
Water, to Yves eau
Weaver of mythology arachne
What a happy couple makes together beautifulmusic
With 90-Down, totally mistaken all
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