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'Attack, dog!' sic
'Buenos --' ('Good day') dias
'Dirty' drink martini
'ER' extras mds
'Ethyl' suffix ene
'Tomb Raider' Croft lara
-- -de-France ile
16 eighths two
2002 César winner for Best Film amelie
Actor Bates alan
Actor DeLuise dom
Actress Kazan of 'My Favorite Year' lainie
Actress Stritch elaine
Agra's home india
Ailing ill
Air raid alert siren
Amtrak bullet train acela
Appeases placates
Ashen-faced pallid
At midnight, say late
Aussie avian emu
Be fitting for suit
Beethoven's 'Für --' elise
Big elephant part ear
Bloom-to-be bud
Boater, e.g hat
Branchlet twig
Breakfast brew tea
Breakfast meat bacon
California's San Luis -- obispo
Christmas verse starter twas
Classic detergent brand rinso
Clichy's river seine
Clinton-Kaine, in 2016 democraticket
Common bit of onstage audio equipment dynamicrophone
Company not reliant on a parent, e.g independentity
Complete end
Data entry device computerminal
Egg-making organs ovaries
Engrossed rapt
Ewoks and Na'vi, in brief ets
Fabric with a soft nap velour
Female seal group, e.g harem
First-class elite
Flagstaff-to-Tucson dir sse
Floral wrist accessory corsage
Foot bottom sole
Funny bit gag
Funny Imogene coca
Genuflects kneels
German state hesse
Get admitted enter
Get thinner at one end taper
GOP race runner republicandidate
Grass sold in rolls sod
Gridiron kick punt
Helen of Troy's mother leda
Ice cream maker Joseph edy
Ideal spots utopias
Japanese tech corp nec
Jazz's Jean- -- Ponty luc
Justice Kagan elena
Karachi's nation: Abbr pak
Kin of .com net
Kin of .com edu
Krone spenders danes
Kylo of 'Star Wars' ren
Large insectivores with long snouts gianteaters
Like the giant sphere at Epcot geodesic
Liven (up) perk
Lymph -- node
Lymphoid throat masses adenoids
Manxman, e.g gael
Many a pro bono TV ad psa
Mattel guy kendoll
Mexican resort port acapulco
Models on walls, maybe pinups
Mop brand ocedar
More out of control unrulier
MPG-rating org epa
MRI's kin ctscan
Nil nada
Nissan, formerly datsun
Not necessary needless
Occurrence incident
Of -- (in some way) asort
Once known as nee
One-on-one teacher tutor
Ones who love making others happy peopleasers
Optimistic bullish
Oval portion arc
Pago Pago's home samoa
Party card game cry uno
Persian Gulf emirate dubai
Peru's capital lima
Pied -à- -- terre
Planet near Earth mars
Play dumb feignorance
Poker chip, for one disc
Poker variety stud
Popular thesaurus, familiarly rogets
Pups' plaints yips
Radio booth notification onair
Raptor's nest aerie
Really cold icy
Recycling container bin
Ring arbiter ref
Rolling car part, to Brits tyre
See 109-Down ito
See 54-Down sorbonne
Seeing red irate
Sharif of movies omar
Slithery fish eel
Smelting slag scoria
Somber song elegy
Sonata part rondo
Speaking platform podium
Spice holder rack
Spot-on apt
Spot-on exact
Square root of 81 nine
Strengthens in volume loudens
Suffix with Denver ite
Suffix with pay ola
Support financially endow
Sword type scimitar
That, in Peru esa
The world over globally
They include Advent and Eastertide liturgicalendars
Tic -- tac
To-do trays inboxes
Tokyo, prior to 1868 edo
Ukraine port odessa
Uncorks again reopens
Unmannerly rude
Very bright neon
Wallach of 'The Deep' eli
Warlike god ares
Wickerwork cane rattan
With 121-Down, judge in the O.J. Simpson trial lance
With 55-Down, Paris edifice housing several universities the
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