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'Ah, me!' alas
'Beloved' actress Kimberly elise
'Do I have a volunteer?' anyone
'Every Breath You Take' singer working as a spy? undercoversting
'Filthy' gain lucre
'Glamorous' singer who's a member of the nobility? duchessfergie
'Have You Ever?' singer doing commercials for Mac computers? applebrandy
'Hey, sailor!' ahoy
'Hot in Herre' singer on edge? nervousnelly
'Impressive!' ooh
'It' game tag
'Kiss From a Rose' singer after lots of coaching? trainedseal
'Marat/Sade' playwright Peter weiss
'Material Girl' singer of high birth? ladymadonna
'Namely ...' towit
'Raise Your Glass' singer being scandalous? shockingpink
'Sort of' suffix ish
'This Old House' airer pbs
'Wake Up Little —' susie
'Yeah!' singer as a deacon? churchusher
'You Were Meant for Me' singer whom everyone treasures? preciousjewel
'— chance!' nota
'— I a stinker?' aint
'— is human ...' toerr
Actor Linden hal
Afore ere
Africa's Guinea- — bissau
Ailey of dance alvin
Air blowers fans
At no time, to bards neer
Atop, in odes oer
Bar bill tab
Be part of a queue waitinline
Bed size twin
Big oil gp opec
Bit of dust mote
Bit of dust speck
Brazilian soccer great pele
Cartoon pic cel
Cavalry cry charge
Cheek makeup blush
Cheese variety brie
Cheese variety romano
Clutch sitter hen
Co. leaders ceos
Connections ties
Court champ Arthur ashe
Cowardly evasions copouts
Crop off shear
Cry of pain ouch
Cup edge lip
Decided by ballot tookavote
Deduce infer
Deviate digress
Dial or Coast soap
Dodgy evasive
Doth own hath
Downy duck eider
Easel, often tripod
Emeril, e.g chef
Ending for peer ess
ER workers rns
Filmmaker Jean- — Godard luc
Fiscal sums moneys
Frightful flies tsetses
Galena, e.g ore
Govt. media watchdog fcc
Hitter of high notes soprano
Hostelries inns
Hot and heavy erotic
Hot tub site spa
In addition plus
In the style of ala
Inits. on an ambulance ems
Insurance giant aflac
It's a pain ache
Italian side dish risotto
Kind of camera, for short slr
Kind of paint latex
Lager, e.g beer
Lake craft canoe
Last non-A.D. year onebc
Leachman of 'Phyllis' cloris
London's — Garden covent
Lowest point nadir
Lowly menial
Lynn or Miles vera
Make an exit depart
Moby Dick's pursuer ahab
Most ethereal airiest
Nautical marine
Nav. rank ens
Needle hole eye
Negatives nos
Neither's partner nor
Nevada city reno
No longer active: Abbr ret
Northeast, on a map upperright
Not a thing nada
Not disproven unrefuted
Not fake real
Ocean sea
Olympic racer sled
Once lived was
Op. — (kin of 'ibid.') cit
Open a bit ajar
Outer: Prefix exo
Oz resident aussie
Paula of pop abdul
Popular font arial
Put out of memory unlearn
Readily bent lithe
Really got to ateat
Resident doctor intern
Revealing, as a bikini skimpy
Ringo who was knighted starr
Rival foe
Sculpts molds
See 38-Across race
See 49-Across ins
Seeing red? indebt
Shabby ratty
Shangri-la eden
Sharp bark yip
Shucks husks
Size above med lge
Skein bird goose
Skiing peak alp
Stole stock rustled
Suffix with mountain eer
Super 8, say motel
Tilted text: Abbr ital
Time between flights layover
Too gaudy garish
Tossed flung
Tummy belly
UFO pilots aliens
Vehicle navig. aid gps
With 35-Down, short, easy putts tap
With 82-Across, Tour de France, e.g road
Writer Haley alex
Yank in Europe, say expat
— -deucy acey
— -dovey lovey
— -TURN (traffic sign) nou
— Romeo alfa
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