How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 13 2011

"Arabian Nights" birds ROCS
"Compromising Positions" author Susan ISAACS
"I could win on my next turn!" UNO
"It's a Wonderful Life" studio RKO
"The Bourne Identity" org CIA
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Alpaca kin LLAMA
Balderdash HOKUM
Big name in razors ATRA
Bk. before Job ESTH
Boorish sort LOUT
Brief fisticuffs SETTO
Created a study aid in class TOOKNOTES
Crunchy snack NUTBAR
Dir. from Memphis to Nashville ENE
Doggie POOCH
Empty room sound ECHO
Everyone, to Ernst ALLE
Forever, so to speak EONS
Furrier's stock PELTS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Gazpacho eater's need SPOON
Goes back to sea? EBBS
Have an inkling SENSE
Hop out of bed ARISE
How grapes grow INBUNCHES
In __ of: replacing LIEU
Inflict, as havoc WREAK
Invite to one's penthouse ASKUP
It has lots of slots RENO
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Jeff Foxworthy jokes about them REDNECKS
Kitchen island material BUTCHERBLOCK
Large wedding band OCTET
Laundry convenience CLOTHESHAMPER
Laura of "Jurassic Park" DERN
Lisbon mister SENHOR
Little shaver BLADE
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Madame's "mine" AMOI
Meg of "Courage Under Fire" RYAN
Mud bath venue SPA
Nametag greeting HELLO
Not at all sacred UNHOLY
One in a crowd scene EXTRA
Phone bk. info NOS
Pigged out (on) ODED
Pop singer Brickell EDIE
Program breaks ADS
Remove the chain from, say UNFASTEN
Roll of fabric BOLT
Sail support MAST
Shade source ELM
Shareholder's bonus DIVIDENDCHECK
Skid Row regular WINO
Smidge SKOSH
Some necklines VEES
Something to grind AXE
Spinning sound WHIR
Stops bleeding CLOTS
Throw easily LOB
Too trusting NAIVE
Troublemaking chipmunk ALVIN
Two-seated carriage LANDAU
Was on the ballot RAN
Washerful LOAD
Wimple wearer NUN
Window units, briefly ACS
Witch craft? BROOM
Word on a French postcard AVION
Word with sewing or traffic CIRCLE
Wrap for leftovers ALUMINUMFOIL
Yawn-inspiring BANAL
__ High City: Denver MILE
__-Tiki KON
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