How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 26 2011

". . . the bombs bursting __ . . ." INAIR
"Counting Sheep" mattresses SERTAS
"I just had an idea!" SAY
"Jeopardy!" category POTPOURRI
"Rosy-fingered" time of day, per Homer DAWN
"The Wonder Years" years TEENS
"You're not the only one!" SOCANI
16th-century Spanish fleet ARMADA
Agent under M BOND
Arms treaty subjects, briefly NTESTS
Avon lady, e.g.? BRIT
Block BAR
California pro ANGEL
Candlelight visitor? MOTH
Chimney sweepings SOOT
Cleaned one's plate ATE
Coastal area INLET
Commentator Coulter ANN
Copious AMPLE
Copyeditor's catch, hopefully TYPO
Denoting a loss, as on a balance sheet INRED
Diner dessert PIE
Dust bowl migrant OKIE
Egyptian with a riddle SPHINX
Element element ATOM
Environmental activist Jagger BIANCA
Et __: and others ALII
Every twelve mos YRLY
Faded in the stretch DIED
Finish using TurboTax, say EFILE
Guesstimates at Maryland's BWI ETAS
Henry VI's school ETON
High, as a kite ALOFT
Highlands native GAEL
Highways and byways ROADS
Hindquarters RUMP
Indian megalopolis DELHI
Involve oneself INTERVENE
Is way cool ROCKS
Joseph of ice cream fame EDY
Karaoke prop MIKE
Latitude between the South Frigid Zone and South Temperate Zone ANTARCTICCIRCLE
Like some limericks BAWDY
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Little bit of everything OLIO
Macroeconomic theory to explain inflation WAGEPRICESPIRAL
Merrie __ England OLDE
Mischief-making Norse god LOKI
Name on a dictionary FUNK
Napoleon, ultimately EXILE
Native of Lima OHIOAN
Near the center MID
Novelist Kesey KEN
Pitch man? TUNER
Pitcher Nomo HIDEO
Postgame rundown RECAP
Prefix with mural INTRA
Push the wrong button, e.g ERR
Ref's decision TKO
Roughly three miles LEAGUE
Science fiction prize HUGO
Shady group? ELMS
Springs, in a way FREES
Stomach product ACID
Surfboard fin SKEG
Test-drove, with "in" WENTFORASPIN
They have scales and keys MAPS
Ties up the line GABS
Tip-top AONE
Tried something out GAVEITAWHIRL
Trillionth: Pref PICO
Unenviable grades DEES
Unites WEDS
Whirlybird COPTER
__-minded NARROW
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