How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 30 2008

"Bambi" doe ENA
"Best in Show" org. AKC
"Better stay out of my yard!" GRR
"Hair" song with the lyrics "four score and seven years ago" ABIEBABY
"Monsters, __" INC
"The Return of the Native" vamp Eustacia __ VYE
"This __ do!" WONT
"Washboard" muscles ABS
"__ further!" GONO
"__ nome": "Rigoletto" aria CARO
1953 biblical film THEROBE
1969 San Francisco retail debut THEGAP
1980s-'90s New York senator DAMATO
59-Down line service DSL
Action figures? ODDS
Antlered animals ELKS
Bad thing to eat CROW
Bar order for H.G. Wells's scientist Griffin? INVISIBLEDRINK
Barbizon school artist COROT
Beethoven's "Waldstein," e.g. SONATA
Ben Hogan rival SAMSNEAD
Bermuda hrs. AST
Big name in discount brokerage SCHWAB
Bill and Louis NYES
Bond issuer: Abbr. GOVT
Boomer who's actually a boomer ESIASON
Brewpub order PALEALE
Brings to tears? BORES
Cab-like? WINY
Car roof accessory RACK
Cary of "Ella Enchanted" ELWES
Cattleman's asset? DROVERCONFIDENCE
Cheering sound RAH
Chili's partner CARNE
Cities, informally URBS
Clinton was one YALIE
Cocktail, perhaps APPETIZER
Coll. dorm proctors RAS
College benefactor Yale ELIHU
Concrete-reinforcing rod REBAR
Congers EELS
Connection LINK
Cyndi Lauper hit SHEBOP
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Dizzying genre OPART
During AMID
Equal SAME
Express's opp. LOC
Farm calls BAAS
Fooled (around) HORSED
Fork, for one UTENSIL
Formal honors AWARDS
Fort Myers-to-Orlando dir. NNE
Fraction of a min. NSEC
Freeport, Maine, retailer LLBEAN
Frost, say POET
German export AUDI
Glimpse ESPY
Gnawed (through) ATE
Gratitude for slop? OINKS
Gulf of Guinea island SAOTOME
H.S. class where you might hear "Eeuw!" BIOLAB
Handyman's answer of "Boring" to the question "How's business?"? DRILLHUMOR
Help a waiter BUS
Illegally try to collect flood insurance? DROWNONESOWNHOME
Invites to enter ASKSIN
ISP option MSN
It ain't the Ritz FLEABAG
It includes Oakland and San Jose BAYAREA
It's better when they meet ENDS
Item in a photog's file NEG
Jennifer of "The River King" EHLE
Kettle's place STOVE
Legend FABLE
Like a fairy tale wolf BIGBAD
Lovett of country LYLE
Ltr. carriers ENVS
Make official ENACT
Medieval worker SERF
Memo words ASTO
Misplace a channel-making machine? LOSEONESDREDGE
More degrading BASER
Mythical garden helpers GNOMES
Native Israeli SABRA
Needle, in a way SEW
Nevada senator Harry REID
NFL Hall of Famer Gale SAYERS
Nixon friend Bebe REBOZO
One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" OLGA
One-time AT&T rival GTE
Palin's "dead parrot" sketch partner CLEESE
Play backer ANGEL
Polyester fabric DACRON
Portuguese royal REI
Prefix with -zoic ENTO
Punctuation that makes one pause EMDASH
Retaliate GETEVEN
Room in a casa SALA
Round numbers? ZEROES
Sagging area between buildings? ALLEYDROOP
Saroyan's "My Name is __" ARAM
Sci-fi Bond film MOONRAKER
Secret Wish Magic Romance perfume creator ANNASUI
Set out briskly SALLIED
Simultaneously ATONEGO
Singer Caruso ENRICO
Sis or bro SIB
Small dressing table LOWBOY
Solstice mo. DEC
SOS alternative DOBIE
Sound from a Southern shoemaker? COBBLERSDRAWL
Space opening? AERO
Stoic of note ZENO
Stone Age toon word YABBA
Strung along LEDON
Super Bowl party medium, briefly HDTV
Surgery beam LASER
T __ tango ASIN
Take the curve too fast CAREEN
The Quakers of the Ivy L. UPENN
Tolkien menace ORC
Tooth substance PULP
Trunk growth MOSS
Tut-tutted TSKED
Unveil, in poems OPE
Vagary WHIM
Vast expanse SEA
Vented appliance DRYER
Vintage autos REOS
West Indian sorcery OBEAH
Window treatment in old Morocco? BARBARYDRAPES
Winnebago descendants IOWAS
Work units ERGS
Wounded Knee's st. SDAK
Yellow pgs. info TEL
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