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noun - preserve of crushed fruit

noun - informal terms for a difficult situation

noun - a dense crowd of people


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Grandma got her pectin today, so she's started putting up her delicious peach type of this
Possible Dictionary Clues
squeeze or pack tightly into a specified space.
become or make unable to move or work due to a part seizing up or becoming stuck.
To drive or wedge forcibly into a tight position: jammed the cork in the bottle.
To cause (moving parts, for example) to lock into an unworkable position: jammed the typewriter keys.
To pack (items, for example) to excess cram: jammed my clothes into the suitcase.
To fill (a container or space) to overflowing: I jammed the suitcase with clothes. Fans jammed the hallway after the concert.
To block, congest, or clog: a drain that was jammed by debris.
To crush or bruise: jam a finger.
Electronics To interfere with or prevent the clear reception of (broadcast signals) by electronic means.
Baseball To throw an inside pitch to (a batter), especially to prevent the batter from hitting the ball with the thicker part of the bat.
Geographic Matches
Jam, Bauchi, NIGERIA
Jam, Punjab, PAKISTAN
Jam, Maharashtra, INDIA
Jam, Benue, NIGERIA
Jam, Nador, MOROCCO
Jam, Caras-Severin, ROMANIA
Jam, Gongola, NIGERIA
Jam, Sistan va Baluchestan, IRAN (ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF)
Jam, Borno, NIGERIA
Jam might refer to
Fruit preserves are preparations of fruits, vegetables and sugar, often canned or sealed for long-term storage.
* Many varieties of fruit preserves are made globally, including sweet fruit preserves, such as those made from strawberry or apricot, and savory preserves, such as those made from tomatoes or squash. The ingredients used and how they are prepared determine the type of preserves; jams, jellies, and marmalades are all examples of different styles of fruit preserves that vary based upon the fruit used. In English, the word, in plural form, "preserves" is used to describe all types of jams and jellies.
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