How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 13 2019

'Annie' character, with 'the' asp
'Henry & June' author Anais nin
'Safety first,' e.g adage
'What is this?' drawing droodle
'___-boom-bah!' sis
A sister of Zsa Zsa eva
A way to read or think aloud
Airplane seat part tray
Apr. workhorse cpa
Atlas figure area
Ball honoree belle
Bat wood ash
Became rancid turned
Birthplace of 'the Boss,' in song usa
Blackthorn fruit sloe
Browser history listings urls
Cheerful tune lilt
Chop House pet food brand alpo
Commits a deadly sin lusts
Congresswoman Ilhan omar
Corrections-related penal
Cowboys' prods spurs
Curt summons seeme
Derived from lemons, say citric
Donald Trump's middle name john
DTs sufferer tosspot
Fell in the forest hew
Field hand's bundle bale
First-aid kit liquid iodine
Full of backtalk lippy
Get too much sun fry
Got a gander of eyed
Hailed vehicle cab
Have a hearty laugh roar
Improv session jam
Insect-preserving stuff resin
Lab personnel testers
Letter-shaped cross tau
Like 'el,' in Spanish (Abbr.) masc
Like Arlington's flame eternal
Like artificial fruit waxy
Lively fiddle tune reel
Lumber mill byproduct sawdust
Many a Greenlander inuit
Medical drama settings, briefly ers
Narcissist's love self
NIMBY part not
Old TV part picturetube
One with inside dope tipster
Organizer's organization union
Pajama parts tops
Pizza perimeter crust
Prop for Popeye corncobpipe
Quilters' gathering bee
Rate increases, e.g stepups
Relief for tired legs supporthose
Saw or heard sensed
Setting for many pirate tales spanishmain
Slug's trail slime
Snake venom, e.g toxin
Some liner stopovers isles
Some Warped Tour music emo
Splint alternative cast
Spork feature tine
State categorically aver
Subterranean hot stuff magma
Superman foe Luthor lex
Synonym for 39-Down taxi
Train for a bout, in a way spar
Tram load ore
Trifling amount sou
Un-P.C. suffix, to many ess
Unit represented by omega ohm
Way past ripe rotten
Weasel family member marten
Where slop is served sty
Whimper like a baby mewl
___ XING (street sign) ped
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