How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 17 2019

'Eight more hours and I'm outta here!' tgif
'He still the ___' (lyric in Beyoncé's 'Countdown') one
'Stat!' asap
'Ya got that right' yup
'___ Flux' (1990s sci-fi series) aeon
'___-daisy!' oopsy
1950s prez ike
Accident-___ prone
Actor Idris elba
As well also
Austin Powers or Jack Bauer agent
Below-the-belt campaign tactic smear
Ben ___, pirate in 'Treasure Island' gunn
Bewildered atsea
Broadcaster of 'Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!' npr
Broken bone revealers xrays
Chest coverer bra
City in West Yorkshire leeds
Close chicas amigas
Coffee alternative tea
Comfy pants sweats
Cow sans calf heifer
Dance done to the 2015 hit 'Watch Me' naenae
Dot on an ocean map isle
Fail to enunciate slur
Follower of Mary lamb
Future-gazer seer
Go out for a bit nap
Grammy-winning James etta
Green and soft, say mossy
Guided led
Image next to a user name avatar
Ingredient in a melt tunafish
It gets bigger in the dark pupil
Kinds sorts
Kneecap patella
Long (for) yearn
Measurement that might be a lot? acre
Media lawyer's specialty libel
Menu item #1: A bowlful of Cap'n Crunch that's been on top of the fridge for four years stalecereal
Menu item #2: The charred remains of a slice of whole wheat burnttoast
Menu item #3: A Red Delicious, assuming you find sawdust delicious mealyapple
Menu item #4: Something to pour in coffee for a sour surprise spoiledmilk
Most socially conscious wokest
Movie with famous 'dun dun' theme music jaws
N.B.A.'s Young, familiarly thad
Not much light can get through it slit
Not new used
Not satisfied, as expectations unmet
Officers-to-be cadets
Opera term that's sometimes a woman's name aria
Org. whose participants wear helmets nfl
PC alternatives macs
Pig, cutely oinker
Plea concerning the menu in 18-, 26-, 53- and 64-Across? fixbreakfast
Profess avow
Read over peruse
Rhyming opposite of break make
Roll with a hole bagel
Sacrifice of square footage for location, e.g tradeoff
Some Japanese cartoons animes
Song one loves, in modern slang jam
Sound of failure pfft
Started listening, with 'up' perked
Stop sign shape octagon
Subject of a sleep lab study apnea
That woman's hers
The sky, perhaps limit
Toy for a windy day kite
Troublemaker rascal
Veronica ___, author of the best-selling 'Divergent' series roth
W.C loo
Wild hog boar
Word before and after yes, in the military sir
Words to a backstabber ettu
Wrath ire
Writing surface slate
Zip pep
___ Keller, first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts helen
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