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The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary or OSPD is a dictionary developed for use in the game Scrabble, by speakers of American and Canadian English. On 24-Sep-18, Merriam-Webster published the Sixth Edition of the Official Scrabble® Players Dictionary (OSPD5), and it includes more than 300 new words which will be candidates for use in North American competitive SCRABBLE® starting 1-Mar-19. It is intended for school and recreational use it is missing the swear words and ethnic slurs

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SOWPODS, which stands for "Schools, O​fficial, W​ords, P​opularly ​D​efined, and S​lang," is a word list used in Scrabble and other word games. It is derived from the combination of two older word lists, OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) used in the USA, and OSW (Official Scrabble Words) used in the UK. Collins Scrabble Words, which includes SOWPODS, is the official word reference used in Scrabble tournaments worldwide.