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Collins Scrabble Words started as official source for WESPA International Scrabble Rated Tournaments since 2007. Then comes the CSW12, five years later. Now, Collins Scrabble Words has a new edition adding 6,500 words which will take effect in the International Tournaments starting September 1, 2015. The transition from the 2012 version of the Collins Scrabble Tournament & Club Word List (hereinafter referred to as CSW12) to the 2015 version (hereinafter referred to as CSW15)

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SOWPODS, which stands for "Schools, O​fficial, W​ords, P​opularly ​D​efined, and S​lang," is a word list used in Scrabble and other word games. It is derived from the combination of two older word lists, OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary) used in the USA, and OSW (Official Scrabble Words) used in the UK. Collins Scrabble Words, which includes SOWPODS, is the official word reference used in Scrabble tournaments worldwide.