How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Sep 30 2008

"24" protagonist Jack BAUER
"O sole ___" MIO
"Pedi's" mate, in day spa lingo MANI
"Roundheads" leader Cromwell OLIVER
"The Pit and the Pendulum" author POE
"Top ___" (Bravo reality series) CHEF
"___, meeny, miney, moe..." EENY
*Chickpea and sesame spread (1955) HUMMUS
*Coffee shop with access to the Internet (1994) CYBERCAFE
*Dilapidated old vehicle (1929) JALOPY
*Drinking game involving cups and a table tennis ball (1972) BEERPONG
*Educated, well-paid professional (1984) YUPPIE
*Intimidating psychological ploy (1963) MINDGAME
*Paper puzzle usually involving a 9x9 grid (2004) SUDOKU
*Ride on a lightweight two-wheeled vehicle (1944) MOTORBIKE
55-down students, slangily ELIS
552, to Nero DLII
ACL's locale KNEE
Actress Bancroft ANNE
Aerial skateboarding maneuver OLLIE
Alma mater of five U.S. presidents YALE
Apple music service ITUNES
Aspirin form PILL
Author Deighton LEN
Beliefs ISMS
Booker T. & the ___ MGS
Bullring cheer OLE
Cardio-boxing routine TAEBO
Certain type of fencer EPEEIST
Computer networking device that may be wireless ROUTER
Dance partner? SONG
Decade divisions: abbr. YRS
Delta opening MOUTH
Dolphins' home MIAMI
Drive away REPEL
Eagle's nest AERIE
Enzyme that catalyzes O2 OXIDASE
Frantic way to run AMOK
Give it a go TRY
Go away DEPART
Grab a plate EAT
Honeydew, e.g. MELON
Host city of a 1945 "Big Three" conference YALTA
How some descending lists are sorted ZTOA
Israeli airline ELAL
It may be covered in a white moldy rind BRIE
Its state flag is a red X on a white background ALABAMA
Large-screen film format IMAX
Last check box option, sometimes OTHER
Like good landings SMOOTH
Martial arts school DOJO
Measurement represented as ' FEET
Meeting of U.S. Congress: abbr. SESS
Misleading trick RUSE
More gruesome GORIER
Music gathering, perhaps FEST
Picture-taking word CHEESE
Pipe section under a sink UBEND
Placed horizontally, with "down" LAIN
Pub pintful ALE
Put in a crate ENCASE
Rice side dish: var. PILAU
Road map lines: abbr. STS
Shade tree ELM
Sharpen HONE
Short note MEMO
Showiness GLITZ
Stayed away from AVOIDED
Supplements, with "out" EKES
Swine sound OINK
Techno musician born Richard Melville Hall MOBY
What separates Romeo from Juliet? AND
Word often seen in square brackets SIC
WWI spy Mata HARI
___ de mer MAL
___ example (acted as a role model) LEDBY
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