How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Feb 14 2017

'Back in the ___' (Beatles song) USSR
'Chandelier' singer SIA
'CHiPs' costar Estrada ERIK
'Dog Barking at the Moon' painter Joan MIRO
'Entourage' agent Gold ARI
'Hmmm ... I'm thinking ...' OKNOWLETSSEE
'Stacks of wax' LPS
'Steal My Sunshine' band LEN
'Taken' star Neeson LIAM
'The Bridge on the River ___' KWAI
'You're not ___, are you?' ACOP
'___ Boot' (1981 war film) DAS
Abbr. stamped on a bad check NSF
Absorbs, with 'up' SOPS
Acquired relative INLAW
Audrey Tautou's quirky title role of 2001 AMELIE
Baker's buy YEAST
Blue material SMUT
Bread at an Indian restaurant ROTI
Bridges of film LLOYD
Brunched, say ATE
Cabinet contents FILES
Caltech grad, perhaps ENGR
Chamillionaire hit that doesn't actually have 'Dirty' in the title RIDIN
Chatter away YAK
Cheesy chip flavor NACHO
Cher's partner SONNY
Clunky footwear CLOGS
Concede ADMIT
Contends VIES
Converse with the locals in Rome, e.g SPEAKITALIAN
Country divided since 1948 KOREA
Curly-tailed canine AKITA
Departed LEFT
Dove noise COO
Eight, to Ernst ACHT
Exchanges SWAPS
Gift on the seventh day of Christmas SWANS
Glass on the radio IRA
Group of periods ERA
Guy with a lot of food issues? FIERI
Hair band of the 1980s RATT
He played Clubber Lang in 'Rocky III' MRT
Hit with a barrage PELT
Home of Titian's 'Venus of Urbino' UFFIZI
It keeps going during the Olympics FLAME
John who was Gomez Addams ASTIN
Lago contents AGUA
Layer of lawn SOD
Letter-shaped bolt link TNUT
Like xenon, as gases go INERT
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Long haulers SEMIS
Lose one's mind FREAK
Maintain the same speed as KEEPUPWITH
McDonald's Corporation mogul Ray KROC
Mid-sized jazz combo NONET
Muhammad Ali's boxing daughter LAILA
NBC show since '75 SNL
On the ocean ASEA
Onetime Trooper and Rodeo maker ISUZU
Pet sounds? ARFS
Place for supplies, sometimes CLOSET
Poet's palindrome ERE
Site with the tagline 'Discover the expert in you' EHOW
Size in a portrait package WALLET
Soundless communication syst ASL
The gold in Goldschlager, e.g FLECKS
Threepio's mate ARTOO
To be in France ETRE
Tree of Knowledge garden EDEN
U.K. tabloid, with 'The' SUN
Unbelievable cover? TOUPEE
Undersized DINKY
Werewolf's tooth FANG
What '-phile' means LOVER
What each of the entries with circles reveals INNERCHILD
What regular exercise helps maintain PHYSICALFITNESS
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