How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 28 2017

"No ___, Bob!" SIRREE
"To ___, With Love" SIR
"___ Given Sunday" ANY
A Gabor EVA
Artificial spread OLEO
Assistant taking orders AIDE
Attachment to "space" AERO
Attempt TRY
Bad check letters NSF
Brings to a conclusion ENDS
Buffet quantity PLATEFUL
Character on TV's "New Girl" JESS
Cheer word RAH
Common newspaper name TIMES
Cry weakly PULE
Dense patch of bushes COPSE
Dir. from Hope-to-Pine Bluff ENE
Ditch, as school SKIP
Donahue of "Father Knows Best" ELINOR
Droop SAG
Exercise that requires a lot of pull CHINUP
Expire DIE
Gratuity TIP
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
Her romantic farewell? JILLWEMEETAGAIN
Highland language ERSE
Hoofbeat sound CLOP
Huge African antelope GNU
Hull-damaging structures REEFS
Inc. relative LLC
James Bond backdrop COLDWAR
Leary's drug LSD
Make downhearted DEJECT
Manning with two Super Bowl wins ELI
Maximum limits? EMS
Measure of newspaper or magazine space LINAGE
Meyer or Tamblyn RUSS
Morning moisture DEW
Mythical ship to Colchis ARGO
National park in Maine ACADIA
Needing a rinse SOAPY
Orchestra section PIT
Orthodontists' org ADA
Pickle variety DILL
Play a guitar, in a way THRUM
Poker phrase ALLIN
Prefix with "virus" ANTI
Psychic's gift ESP
Quebec's ___-Foy STE
Quill's dipping place INKPOT
Region AREA
Reproduces SPAWNS
Saver's initials IRA
Sheeran and Harris EDS
Sheriff Taylor's boy OPIE
Sir's counterpart MADAM
Some Americans LATINS
Some frigid winter events ICEFALLS
Start of the work wk MON
Surprised sounds GASPS
Swallow INGEST
Sworn ___ (given an oath of office for) INAS
Synthetic material ORLON
Thin, flaky mineral MICA
Title for Jesus (with "The") MESSIAH
Tweak, as text EMEND
Ukrainian city ODESSA
Up and about ASTIR
Vera of fashion WANG
Watergate's Sam ERVIN
What Ms. Scott declares no man will ever be? KINGOFTHEJILL
Whom Ms. Scott claims really wrote "As You Like It"? JILLSHAKESPEARE
Wipe the slate clean? ERASE
With reckless abandon WILDLY
Young'uns KIDS
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