How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 28 2010

"... for a ___ pittance" MERE
"In ___ of flowers ..." LIEU
"Legal" or "medic" lead-in PARA
"___ Breaky Heart" ACHY
"___ give you the shirt off his back" HED
9-Down gift LEI
AAA changes them FLATS
Acid LSD
Amount of yarn SKEIN
Area by a dorm QUAD
Au ___ (roast beef order) JUS
Autumn bloomer ASTER
Basic unit of capacitance FARAD
Beach material SAND
Ben-Hur was chained to one OAR
Boxers' attire ROBES
Busted up DASHED
Cancel, as a rocket launch SCRUB
Case for toiletries ETUI
Cause of yawning ENNUI
Certainly not good BAD
Completely cooked DONE
Contemptuous contortion SNEER
Cook at home EATIN
Door frame part JAMBS
Drink delicately SIP
Fiftieth American state HAWAII
Future husbands, perhaps BEAUS
Get on a soapbox ORATE
Giraffe relative with striped legs OKAPI
Goose or loon BIRD
Groups of two DYADS
Hardly encouraging DISMAL
Hindu musical form RAGA
Instantaneously QUICKASAWINK
Isle of ___ (England) ELY
It falls somewhere every day RAIN
It's groovy to a carpenter DADO
Makes coffee or beer BREWS
Maltreats ABUSES
Nevertheless YET
On very short notice ATTHEDROPOFAHAT
Part-woman, part-bird creature HARPY
Perform incorrectly MISDO
Perspiration unit BEAD
Plant on the back of old pennies WHEAT
Ply with liquor BESOT
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Quarter back? TAILS
Regional plant and animal life BIOTA
Resort feature SPA
Rider's whip CROP
Sch. group PTA
Second word of many fairy tales UPON
Severe, as pain ACUTE
Shade of blue POWDER
Sign of an untreated pool ALGAE
Slaughterhouses ABATTOIRS
Slightly askew OFF
Striped semiprecious stone AGATE
They may include jingles or slogans ADS
Tibetan monk LAMA
Touchdown data, briefly ETAS
Tropical wader IBIS
Trunks TORSI
Turkish title of honor AGA
Type of gown or registry BRIDAL
Type of mall or mine STRIP
Unbelievable bargain STEAL
Universal workplace LOT
Wish things otherwise RUE
___ and fauna FLORA
___ Orange, N.J. EAST
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