How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 20 2017

"And plus ..." ALSO
"Cause" partner EFFECT
"I remember the time ..." ONCE
"What have we here?" OHO
29-Down alternative AMEX
32,000 ounces TON
Attempt to be persuasive COAX
Author Murdoch IRIS
Barber's powdery supply TALC
Behold SEE
Bog material PEAT
Bond distributor ISSUER
Bridge material STEEL
Brief minister? REV
Chauffeur DRIVER
Choir voices ALTOS
Coffee mug stopping points RIMS
Congers EELS
Containing iron FERRIC
Design scheme MOTIF
Diminutive fairytale creatures ELVES
Egg of old Rome OVUM
Egyptian metropolis CAIRO
Eyelid woes STYES
Feature of everything the boss gives you, per the boss GREATIMPORTANCE
Financial security for a debt LIEN
Furrow RUT
Give a hand to AID
Gobble down SNARF
Gradually heat and cool to temper ANNEAL
Guy who is too good to be true? MISTERWONDERFUL
Hatchery inventory ROE
Have a strong hunch about SENSE
Include or involve ENTAIL
Indiana pro PACER
Intense or sharp KEEN
Is generous, in a way LENDS
It's broken by the fastest runner TAPE
Jungle primate APE
Lascivious look LEER
Leans at sea LISTS
Like a discounted amount LESS
Literary name for Ireland ERIN
Makeup mishaps SMEARS
Merit EARN
Minute dinner crumbs ORTS
Miscellaneous collection OLIO
Mongrel CUR
Newts in transition EFTS
Not new USED
Old-style "in a little while" ANON
Passport endorsement VISA
Perfect IDEAL
Princess' headgear TIARA
Reptiles with quite a bite ASPS
Russian group of three? TROIKA
See eye-to-eye CONCUR
Seine relatives TRAWLS
Shaft under a lead foot AXLE
Soothing medicinal plants ALOES
Spherical 'do AFRO
Stomach ailments ULCERS
The act of managing by overseeing SUPERINTENDENCY
The Bambino RUTH
The loneliest number ONE
They lengthen TV shows ADS
Topped with frosting ICED
Toss haphazardly STREW
Toss out of school EXPEL
Type of hall MESS
Type of hygiene DENTAL
Vital hospital worker NURSE
Way past the sell-by date STALE
What court lawyers do ARGUE
Word with "gray" or "bay" AREA
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