How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 15 2017

"... ___in heaven" ASITIS
"Say ___" (doctor's request) AAH
"Smoking or ___?" NON
"Speckled" or "lake" fish TROUT
"___ Antonio Rose" SAN
Actor Lane NATHAN
Afternoon movies MATINEES
Ambition AIM
As originally sited INSITU
Bedouin ARAB
Biting quality of a breakfast drink? TANG
Board associated with the occult OUIJA
Boric acid target ANT
Certainly not a guy to be trusted FLIMFLAMMAN
Church rules CANONLAW
City in Ohio AKRON
Collection of memorable sayings ANA
Cook eggs, in a way BOIL
Design theme MOTIF
Distinct feature, as of a problem FACET
Feminine pronoun SHE
Flightless New Zealander MOA
Floral enclosure SPATHE
Great noise DIN
Guard for a harem, traditionally EUNUCH
Handwritten books or documents MANUSCRIPTS
Hanging open AGAPE
Imitation chocolate CAROB
Indian garments SARIS
Islamic figure IMAM
Kind of mower RIDING
Kind of rug AREA
Kind of shaft CAM
Kindergarten breaks NAPS
Klee contemporary ARP
Lets the tears flow BAWLS
Like this puzzle's theme MANLY
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Make ready for battle ARM
Make turbulent ROIL
Massachusetts university TUFTS
Movement's declarations MANIFESTOES
Musical work OPUS
Nary a person NOONE
Neutral possessive ITS
Old video game machine, briefly NES
Operated RAN
Overhead rings HALOS
Part of a gun barrel BREECH
Porch item MAT
Promises to wed BETROTHS
Pub perch STOOL
Punch line setter-upper STRAIGHTMAN
Quaint lodging INN
Quaint word for an unknown author ANON
Rabbit (var.) CONY
Ratchet parts PAWLS
Rice dish (var.) PILAFF
Round veggie PEA
Rouses oneself, old-style BESTIRS
Run ___ (go nuts) AMOK
Sebaceous cysts WENS
Seoul's country KOREA
Shakespearean "before" ERE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sign of things to come OMEN
Spa features BATHS
Successful capturing of kings MATES
Take an evening course? SUP
Three-player card games SKATS
Tumbler contents, often ICE
Turkish bigwig AGA
Unwieldy or awkward UNGAINLY
USC athletes TROJANS
Walking aids CANES
Without any exceptions TOAMAN
Word with "bad" or "close" TOO
Word with "public" NOTARY
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